L700 steering rack

Hi there,

I’ve been working on my L701 ringtool for some time now (build thread coming very soon).

The car has recently been tested on track and it performed better than i expected!
The main thing i run into is brake overheating and having to steer like crazy.

The brake issue will be solved soon, i have some ideas.

But for the steering i got stuck.

Right now im running the L7 manual steering rack. This rack has about 4.5 turns from left to right. Now i have the powered rack from the m101s donor which i took apart to see its insides (for learning purposes). It was really easy depowering this rack so did since i thought the ratio would be shorter. Now everything is put back together and i realized this rack has 4 turns from Left to right. Now i’m wondering what the ratios are and mostly what i can do to get a much closer ratio. I cant find any clear information about this subject and i need help. My plan is to make an adition to the Dai wiki with information about swapping internals, different racks, interchangeability etc.

So in short i’m looking for a shorter steering ratio but i want all the info i can get to write up a nice page for the Wiki.

Any information will be apriceated!


Its not really steering rack related as such but the L251 (sold as charade in AU but mira everywhere else) Has an electric power steering column, it has its own control module and from a very very short research into it I can see it has 3 different setting I presume one for slow one of medium speed and one for high speed driving. I am yet to play with this properly but in future will look at maybe retro fitting this to my L200.

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have a read of Mr Gormsby’s thread, he has done what you are wanting. Not quite track. Mr Gormsby's L200

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