L700 tire size on 14"


I just bought Renault Twingo 14" steelies for my Cuore L700.

14" 5,5J 36et 4x100

Currently I’m looking for tires. The sizes I’m looking at are:

165 / 55 / 14
175 / 50 / 14
185 / 50 / 14

I like wider tires so 185 would be my first choice. The diameter difference is about 6% compared to the stock 145 / 70 / 12 and since the speedo reading is off by about that percentage I guess it would fix it.

Now my question is, will 185 tires cause any fitting issues on 14" on the L700 cuore? The car is not lowered and I’m not planning on lowering it by much if anything at all…

Thanks in advance!

185/50/14 with plus 36 should be fine.

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Hey friend! :wave:

Recently, I changed my steel rims on my Sirion M100, to aluminum.

  • The steel rims had a size of: J5xR14 4x100
  • The aluminum rims have a size of: 6JxR14 4x100
  • My original tire size is: 165/65/R14
  • On the new rims I can put tires betwin 175/60/R14 and 185/50/R14 .
    That way, my consumption will be almost the same, as if the stock were on.


  • I believe, your original rim size is: J5xR12 4x100
  • You want to install rims two size biger and half an inch wider: J5,5xR14 4x100

You must know that:

  • Your consumption will be of the charge with tires 185/50/R14.
  • Your car will hold better on turns.
  • Your engine will feel like it’s in the gym 24/7!

In my opinion,

  • Sell the 14" rims.
  • Find “new” aluminum rims 13" (J5 or J5,5xR13 4x100) and install 155/60 or 65/R13
    OR if you are willing to keep the 14"
  • put tires 165/55/R14.
    They are wider than the stock are, way wider, so the difference will be noticable and you keep the stress on the engine in check more or less.

Oh yeah, also, the aluminum rims are lighter than the steel rims are. So your car will be a little faster with aluminum rims, than with steel rims. Trust me, I know, I’ve been there, done that! :grin:


Thanks a lot for your reply. Unfortunately I’m reading this a little bit late and I had ordered the 185/50/14. I’m gonna return the tires if possible and think about selling the 14" steelies, I’ve spend a lot of hours painting them but I’m not looking forward to very increased fuel consumption…

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If you painted them, then you can sell them in better price than you bought them. So it’s a win win situation. I’m happy that I could help. Good luck!


Good site to work out tyres :slight_smile:
I’m going to be running a 195/45/15 on my l60

I eventually returned my tires and sold the rims. I now ride 13" 5,5J et49 with 155/65/13. Fits perfect :slight_smile:

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Nice! :grin: Are the rims steel or aluminum? Upload some photos to see them! :star_struck:

Sorry for late reply. They are steels from an Opel Kadett GT, I painted them myself. Love the look and fixed it for cheap.


Looking good!!

Front lip looks cool, love the wheels, reminds me of the ones from old vw golfs.

Come on now friend, you must put up some photos of the interior for us to see! And the engine bay too! :star_struck:

Also, what are your plans for this little beast!? Are you planning to mod the engine? Are you planning to improve the interior someway? :thinking::thinking: