L700 Wheels

So I am getting L700 for me next year, and I already started getting some stuff for it in advance (don’t judge, I really want it, but can’t get it right now, lol). So I got these old school (1989) Ronals from a MK1 Golf, they are 14x6.5, and have different offsets, 2 are ET35 and the other 2 are ET42. Will I have problems fitting those wheels ? The tires I’m planning to run are 185/55 and it’s basically the only size option I have, if we’re talking about “decent” tires.

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You might but it will be trial by fire. I have seen 15x6.5 fitted to a L700 so if the offset ia right you will be okay

hey mate, if you look online you can usually find the factory specs for most cars, once you find the factory widths and offsets, go to willtheyfit.com punch in the factory spec and your new potential wheels. You’ll the be able to see the difference between the wheels.
also depends on what you consider a good fit, are you after a conservative look? aggressive fit? willing to roll the guards?


I’m going for as agressive as I can get without rubbing. Thanks for the link!

also need to consider tyre size, for example a 13x6+6 fits well on my car but only with a 145/60/13, if i were to go a 175 or 205 the offset would need to be more positive like +20 or more.