L701 Engine swap

Hi everyone, alright so I’m planning to do an engine swap in my 1999 Cuore L701. As i’ve seen in many posts, the K3-VET/VE/VE2 would be a good choice, since it’s on the same platform as the EJ-DE. It’s also pretty easy (and cheap enough) to buy one 2nd hand.

The thing is, I’m kinda lost in what needs to happen to make it work. I understand I need the wiring and the ECU from the K3 and that the swaybar needs to be replaced/modified to make room for it, other than that I wouldn’t know. Also parts are practically non-existent here in The NL, so if you guys know any distributors of daihatsu performance parts that ship to The NL, I’d be glad to hear it.


this is a great swap
it takes a fair bit of time!
but works really well and the k3 is an AWESOME engine

it really comes down to how handy you are - or how friendly your mechanic is mate

i’m in the process of making up a recipe list for guys who don’t have all the contacts
I can pm you some basics if you want?


Hi patrick, that’d be great, thanks!

Always great to see a fellow dutchman here! Im currently doing the same swap. Im wondering if you need the fuelpump from te sirion and what to do about the driveshafts. The lower arms of the cuore are a fair bit shorten so the driveshafts from the sirion wont fit, can i use the driveshafts from the cuore? Any help would be great. Btw Mart where do you live? Im a mechanic maybe we can help each other out!

Hi! Yeah It’s great to see, too bad we all have the same problems. And yeah I don’t know about the driveshafts etc either.
oh and btw plans have changed, a colleague of mine had a 3SZ-VE + trans with all the axles, the cable loom, ECU and sirion brakes lying around. I can buy it for €800, so I think during the summer will be a good time to get started.

I live in Westkapelle, Zeeland. It’d be great if we could, but I don’t know how similar the 3SZ is to the K3. Otherwise we could maybe work something out?

The 3SZ-VE is an awesome engine aswell. And 800 is a very good price! I had the sirion stripped in about 3hours but i used a lift wich was a great help. The engine ran on 3cyl, turnes out one valve was completly burned. So im currently reworking the head. I live in Barneveld near Amersfoort. And the comunity here is great, im sure someone can help us and give us answers. Btw Any chance you happen to be at the nürburgring on easter weekend?

Oh wow that sucks, hope it comes together! No unfortunately not, I don’t have time that weekend.

Are you planning to get the swap engineered/registered at the rdw ? i believe cars after 1999 are harder/more expensive to get trough the rdw. wanted to swap my 2002 cuore to but someone told me that it’s not worth the cost… or i need to do i illegal :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes you kinda have to.
If you would have an acident, your car could get inspected and if they see a four cylinder engine instead of a three cylinder, youre in reaaaaly big trouble.

Also if you ever get to Germany you’d have problems too if your car gets checked.
These could be random checks on the side of the road to determine if your car is roadworthy according to german laws.

About the “herkeuring”, it is really easy and relative cheap( 100-200€).
Things to consider,
Exhaust should be oem so your car is quiet and clean. Leave the cat in there and the muffelers. Modify after the “keuring”.
Make sure the engine is oil and leak free.
Make it look like oem basically.
Also go to your local mechanic to get the car checked so it meets the requirements for the “APK”.

Footnote: F**k anyone who tells you its not worth it, a 100hp 700kg car is hella fun!

totally worth it and awesome swap!
i think for road is better than the turbo version and easier to fit up and run

there are some custom suspension parts you can run if you wnt to make it work best
…then you can have factory alignment and dont have to squish in the sirion sway bar or put up with terrible lower arm bind

the 3sz conversion is more work again, but the torque is great!
wiring is a lot more tricky …you can make up a conversion harness though - or get someone to make one for you - so you dont have to convert all the plugs over - but depends what you want to run on the dash side - of course changing over the rev meter is the trick going from 3cylnder to 4

but there are ways around it

shout out if you get stuck