L701 obd2 cant connect

does anyone have issues connecting to l701 via obd port? is it obd2?
tried my own elm327 mechanics 2 scanner he got cant read

Odb2 port but odb1 if you are from Australia

Depending on the year if in the UK it could be Odb2

australia yes looks exactly like an obd2 port. rego says l701 year 2000 but doesnt really say which obd version. how do u guys read obd1 via obd2 port?

It is an Odb2 port but the ecu is odb1, only way to read codes is with a scan tool, a Bluetooth dongle won’t work sorry mate

dang can you recommend an OBD 1 scanner and do we have pictures of where the location of the OBD 1 port under the hood? or can i just get an OBD 1 scanner and hook it up via the OBD 2 port under the steering wheel? that explains why i couldnt scan via bluetooth.

A Odb2 scan tool is required and is backward compatible, you just need to ensure the scan tool is backwards compatible with odb1.

I don’t recommend you buy one if you are trying to find a fault, they are expensive… Find someone like an auto electrician and have them scan it.

unfortunately the 2 mechanics that checked my car used their scan tool and could not get a connection via the obd2 port. although i am not entirely sure if their scan tool is compatible with obd 1.

are there bluetooth obd2 dongles that are compatible with obd1 ECU?

is there a reason why the ecus are obd1 yet the port is obd2?

It’s quite common in cars around this age, manufacturers were moving towards OBDII but at this stage it wasn’t an industry standard. If your having connectivity issues you’ll need to find a mechanic or auto electrician with a quality scan tool such as a Bosch, Hella Gutman or Snap On, then you shouldn’t have any problems. I think even a Toyota Tech II should connect. Most scanners should be reverse compatible but sometime they have issues with some cars. It’s the same with VS-VT Commodore, they have an OBD plug but it’s not actually OBD and a lot of scanners won’t connect.

You might even have luck getting flash codes, you can retrieve codes on a lot of older cars by bridging 2 pins in the connector and counting the number of times the CEL flashes. It’s quite common with Nissan but I’m unsure with Daihatsu

Older toyotas are the same as this.
Bridge something like te1and e1
Light flashes on dash.
Count the sequence.

where is te1 and e1 on OBD2 port. looked at the diagram and it does not say te1 and e1.

Sorry mate. I meant that works on Toyota. No idea about the Daihatsu if there is a way… lol. Sorry man