L701 vibrations

Hello i have cuore L701 auto transmition and i changed the 3 engine mounts.
Now in idle position 850rpm i have vibrations in dashbord and in my steering wheel(when its free of my hand).
I noticed that in 1200rpm in idle the vibrations disappear s.
What to do?

I have the same problem with my Sirion. The problem is the engine mounts. They are after market and low quality. Do not change the position on the throtle body to 1200 rpm. Do not do it for two reasons.

  1. The strain on the engine will be constant and at the manual, Daihatsu says that the normal operation for the engine is at 800 to 850rpm.
  2. You do not have a manual clutch, so when you will try to move the car, you will have to be really really careful due to the high rpm.

You could take off the engine mounts and make some holes with a drill at the bearings. That way their stiffness will decrease.That way, they will absorb better the vibration of the 3 cyl EJ-DE engine.

Ok.thanks very much.
The original mouts is very expensive.

Tell me about it! It’s half the price of the car! :rofl:

280euro the rear one
150 the front
90 the transmisiion one

Yes, we come to the grand total of 520€. I do believe the car cost 1200-1500€, 1800€ max!! That’s a ridiculous amout of money for engine mounts! I bought the front mount for 40€, it’s an aftermarket of course…

I changed the 3 mounts and now i have vibration in dashbord when i have D.

You bought a the original mounts ot aftermarket? You lost me there.

Before i changed the 3 engine mounts ddn have any vibration only in R when selected.
Now with new mounts i have vibration in idle in dashbord and in steering wheel especially when i have D in idle lime in traffic lights.

Yes, ok. But, the ones you installed, are the authentic Daihatsu mounts or cheap aftermarket mounts?

Not original mounts i install aftermatker febest and kavo brants mount.

Because this aftermarket parts are cheap, in comparison to the authentic, their materials are crap.

The rubber bearing is very hard and it can not take the vibrations of the 3 cyl engine.

The only way to solve this is:

  1. Take out the entire mount.
  2. Drill some holes at the lower part of the rubber bearing.
  3. Then install it again.

That will give the bearing some flexability and the vibrasions will be minimased.

Most likely, the problem comes from the front mount, like mine does.

This is my front mount.
And if i drilled and nothing happens or be warst?
How i can see if its the front or rear one?

Yes I know. I also posted the front mount. We wear the same mounts, at least for the front I’m sure about it.
In my situation, is the front mount that makes the problem. After I installed it, the vibrations got whorse. It’s the easiest to take out.

I already told you. The rubber of the mount is very stiff. That’s why it cannot absorve the vibrations of the engine. You must make space for the rubber to loosen up, in order for it to absorve the vibrations!! That’s what my mechanic did to his own car and it works.

Next month I’ll go to fix it anyway. So, if you are willing to wait that long, I’ll inform how well that will go. ok? :grin:

@dmpatanis why did you change the mounts in the first place?

Because i bought it second hand and i was having vibration especially in D.

Ok.Tell me and the diameter of holesor take a photo.

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