L701 wont start

Cuore L701 with EJ-VE engine wont start.

When i turn the key and give it contact everything lights up and the fuel pump cycles.
I turn again to start and it just turns on the fuel pump again, the starter does not crank.
I checked all the fuses and they are all ok, the relays click.
The thing is the car ran normally 30min before.

What I did that might have caused this issue:
I removed airbox to get to something underneath it.
On the back side of the box is a module that says “ignion” with 2 connectors.
I removed connectors BUT forgot to disconnect the battery before doing that! I have done this before but nothing like this happened.
Could this cause problems with immobilizer or ecu? Usually if immobiliser was at fault it would crank but not start, here the starter does nothing…

Is the small plug still attached to the starter? Maybe you may have knocked it off if it is in the vicinity of the airbox?

Will look at it tommorow when im home, thx!!

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Tao the starter motor with a hammer or other blunt object, it might be sticking. Does the starter motor click when the key it turned in the ignition?

+1 on check the wiring to the starter too.

If the above-mentioned measures don’t get the starter to turn, borrowing any functioning starter whatsoever for outboard testing would be the most consequential method of determining if the original starter’s at fault or not. It doesen’t matter if the starter motor’s Japanese or not. Hooking it up to jumper cables would be good enough, for proper contact

Thank you guys for the suggestions, will remember them if the need arises.

Car has started :pray:

The solution was simple, suggested by a buddy who had similar problem on a citroen saxo, I was sceptical at first but if anyone knows car problems its french car owners :joy:
He said to just leave battery disconnected over night so the ecu memory resets. With nothing to lose, today I connected it and voila the little shi*box started :face_holding_back_tears:

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I have never heard that one with a daihatsu but if it worked it worked. Glad it’s running again.

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