L80/201/501 coolant line T piece replacement (brass)

Here is a follow up for the T piece 16-8-16mm

So a lot of us who have a ED20 engine have the same problem.

T piece for ED20 coolant line going to throttle body is going brittle and creates a leak for the coolant.

The part size is

16mm 8mm 16mm

A discontinued part from Daihatsu



It is for sale on Aliexpress.

Hopes this clears up the discontinued part from Daihatsu.

This is a brass part should last much longer than the oem plastic part.


In fact, it should last indefinitely. It’s easy enough to solder together one’s own T-fitting, using 15 mm and 8 mm pipes, if one chooses to spend no oney and has this tubing already available: Butchered replacement MOVEs diary - Projects builds and rides - Live To Dai

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anyway its 16mm 8mm 16mm. I have it installed now and no leaks


here in Australia, some later model Sirion’s ( Storia ) came with metal T pieces, I have about 4 spares myself :wink: