L80 Bits - Free

I’ve got a few bits and bobs left over from my L80.
I’ve been helped out nicely on this group so I’m paying it forward and offering these parts for free, you’ll just have to pay any postage fee. The larger items are no good to post, I’ve quoted them in the past and it’s gone into the hundreds.
Located in Perth, WA.

♤ Wipers
♤ Bonnet Release cable
♤ Speedo cable
♤ Thermo fan
♤ Dashboard - minus instrument cluster
♤ Bonnet - carbon vinyl wrapped
♤ Both front doors - minus drivers door handle and door card - both speaker holes have been butchered
♤ Horn
♤ Manual gear shifter with boot
♤ Brake Master Cylinder
♤ Wiper motor
♤ Front guards
♤ 7 stock 12x4 rims, 4 without tyres, 3 with worn tyres on
♤ Starter Motor
♤ Rear Seat with Lap Belts - Require restore
♤ Fuel Filler Flap - carbon vinyl wrapped