L80 EJ-DE build

Hey Everyone,

Figured I’d start a build thread to maintain accountability for continuing work at a reasonable pace and to access the wealth of information that exists in your brains.

I have an L80 Handi with an ED10 in it at the moment.
I have purchased an M100 sirion with a manual EJ-DE.

My plan is to convert the L80 to EJ-DE and use the L80 gearbox and shafts. Stage 2 at a later date will include an AMR500 charger and a revision on the fuel injection.

So far (today) I have removed the motor and box from the Sirion.

Initial questions are:
-will the std L80 clutch marry up with the EJDE motor. Hearing mixed reports about diameter.

  • Do I need to change the ignition barrel to start
  • Can I just use the exact fueling setup from the sirion and put it in the L80?
    -the dash and interior components is far more complex in the sirion. What do I do about connecting the L80 dash and ignition to the EJDE ECU? Do I need to take it all out and move it across to the L80?

Thanks, stay tuned :slightly_smiling_face:



Welcome. Looks like you had/have power steering and air con.

I imagine this is just going to be a street car? I’ll have a go at responding to things you mentioned in order.

EJDE is an excellent choice. It will probably have four times the torque of the ed10 and twice the power or more. You mention the supercharger. The std engine will benefit from an after market ECU and forced induction will need it. An AMR500 is to small for 998cc and will be a restrictor. They are damn noisy and the sound, while fun for a little bit, gets old quickly. They are a roots type blower and they do not make boost in a linear fashion, rather they move large volumes of air and will only do that well at one rpm range, above that the boost bleeds off. If you don’t believe me on this read up on them. The AMR500 has the edges of the lobes parallel. This gives a strong pulsing effect and the peak effect of this exacerbates the roots blower tendency to have air escape back around the outside of the lobes and this escape of air is why they are said not to make boost. The effect also makes a heap of heat. If you just want a supercharger to say you have one or are wanting to play with a SC, then ignore my words.

You have an ed10. The ed10 flywheel goes on the ejde. So you should be able to use your clutch and pressure plate. A std pressure plate from an ed10 or efel will not handle the torque of the ejde and will slip. An upgrade clutch is essential. Note the height of your pressure plate (PP) diaphragm fingers. If you have an upgraded PP some have fingers that sit lower. In this case the throwout bearing carrier needs to be spaced to bring the clutch fork to the right angle. Otherwise the pedal will be working right on the floor. I am not sure if the EJDE flywheel will fit inside your gearbox. Try it. The EJDE flywheel, clutch and PP are really heavy compared to an ED10 setup and will feel doughy.

Ignition barrel? Hmm, it would only need to be changed if the L80 can’t carry enough current to power the EJDE ecu. EFI does use a lot of amperage. Does the Sirion key have an immobiliser? I’ll come back to this.

You might be able to use the Sirion fuel set up. That would be the difficult route and takes away the one thing you can easy add to do a tiny bit of tuning. The Sirion will have a non-return fuel pump. I don’t think this pump and cradle will go/fit in your tank. My recommendation is to mod the fuel rail so it has a outlet. I drill and tap the end of them and run this to a rising rate fuel pressure regulator and then this goes into a fuel return line and back to the tank. If you have a intank fuel pump for the ed10 carb then swap this out for a small efi pump. I use a 255lph one which is huge for 998cc, even my modified one. With a std ecu the way to have a little tuneablity is with the adjustment on a fuel pressure regulator (note they have a vacuum line to equalise manifold pressure/vacuum against atmospheric pressure). Having a wide band O2 really helps move you find the right setting.

You could swap the whole loom over as is. It will be bulky. If you have an imboliser this could be the easiest way. I tend to use the Sirion engine loom, run it through the firewall to the ecu and use the body side harness plug and find the inputs and outputs from the body side you need. Not a lot goes to the dash (at least with the ones I’ve done) There is a pinout guide on the forum here if you do a search.

All the best Scoot.


Thanks for your detailed and informative response, Gromsby.

  • yes it has an immobiliser, I’m gathering that’s what the ring around the ignition barrel with a 2 pin out connector is.
  • i nteresting about the AMR500. I thought it would have been suitable for a 1L. My interest in the SC comes from the fact that there is a perfect place to put a small one where the AC compressor was, and doesn’t require advanced metal fab like constructing turbo headers and flanges. However if it’s not going to generate boost there’s no point.
    -I am leaning towards using the whole EJDE harness I’ve removed the ignition barrel and going to see if that fits in the handi but I don’t have high hopes.

Yesterday I removed the dash and harvested the harness from the sirion donor.


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The roots blowers do make boost but really only efficiently up to one rpm, otherwise they bleed off “the extra” past the lobes and this makes a lot of heat. I tend to think of them as “moving large volumes of air” as opposed to “making boost”.

Roots blowers are used to generate constant airflows that are independent of discharge pressure conditions. Root blower applications are limited to low and medium pressure and vacuum processes and can be used to provide small to large airflow rates. http://www.pneuvay.com.au/pneumatic-conveying/news/Roots-blower-application-in-industry-and-industrial-processes-such-as-pneumatic-conveying/

And the AMR500s are sized for 650cc engines, which suffer from a lack of torque. The EJDE has plenty of torque compared to an efel or ed10. A screwtype supercharger would be my preference, but they are not cheap nor readily available. My big workshop air compressor is an Atlascopco screw type that flows 120cubic fee per minute and when you first turn it on within about 3 sec it makes 10-12bar.

I wonder if anyone out there has an ejde in an L80 and can comment on how much room there is under the bonnet? Unless you are drag racing a warmed up ejde might be more than enough in a L80. My “warm” ejde in a L200 with a LSD wheelspins right through first and second.


The L700 flywheel doesn’t fit in the L80 box I don’t know about the Sirion flywheel tho but the L80 flywheel fits the ejde however the 160mm clutch disk doesn’t handle the torque of the ejde. Luckily my flywheel has a 170mm clamping surface so I am currently trying to find a suitable 170mm disk and plate combo.

I have utilised the L700 relay box to keep the draw through the old ignition barrel low this also helped with the radiator fan as the L80 was - switched and the L700 is + switched.

The sideways inlet manifold hits on the master cylinder I swapped mine for a front to back one from a ejve Charade and that only just clears the under side of the bonnet.

The sirion fuel system can be used but you’ll need to extensively modify your existing tank or make a holding tank with it’s own supply pump for the sirion pump to go into, this is what I have done just because I was doing a super cheap conversion could make the tank at work and had a pump lying around. The way Mr G has explained is the best way.

The dash lights can all be connected up to the appropriate wires out of the ecu I even used the old choke light for the check engine light. The pinout diagram on the forum here was a big help.

Good luck and have fun :grinning:

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Today I removed the ED-10 from the L80. I also stripped the dash and all interior wiring. I put the ED10 box on the EJ. Things that I noticed:

  • The removal was easy
  • The ED10 on an 89 ADM L80 has a 170mm clutch plate
  • the pressure plate on mine was an Aisin CD 007. Couldn’t find specs on clamping force etc but actually seems quite robust and the. 170mm diameter is reassuring.
  • There are some subtle differences between how the ED10 box connects to different motors. An example is that the starter is threaded to the ED10 block but there are no threads on the EJ block.
    -The mounts line up perfectly.
  • the exhaust flanges from the cat are different.
    -aside from the hanger locations for the exhaust the sirion/handi exhaust are almost identical.

As I have an immobilised donor, I am transferring the entire ignition, cluster, stalk and engine and body harnesses into the Handi. I have come up against a couple of challenges with that already but I think it should work.


Next steps are to finalise the wiring and work out what I’m going to do about the fuel pump.


Thanks for everyone’s help so far.

I have got the EJ-DE and loom into the L80.

I’ve modified the L80 fuel pump assy to make a bypass style returnless fuel pump with parts from the EJDE pump assy. I was unable to get a FPR/tapped barb as I didn’t want to wait for parts delivered to NQ. I will probably go that way in future if adding forced induction. First just want to see how the trans holds up N/A.

The EJDE runs and idles fine with no exhaust or throttle cable currently attached. I’ve now wired all the lights and cluster and everything works as it should except for the reverse lights. I’m not getting power to the switch and I’m not sure why. Admittedly, electrics is not my strong point.

My current hang up is this throttle cable bracket/adaptor. Does anyone have a picture of their setup/advice on setup. It seems the Distance from the end of the L80 cable to the sheath is too short to thread around the sprung pivot on the throttle body. Seeking some guidance on this!


I used the throttle cable from an Charade with an ejve it fitted the pedal and fire wall same as the l80 one but was heaps longer.

my EJ swapped L200 uses the 160mm EF-EL clutch and has never slipped or anything even when i put a turbo on it

Okay but of an update. I have been trying to get as much done as possible around going back to work full time.

Engine is in and running!
Used the 170mm friction plate and aisin 007 pressure plate.
EFI pump for now is stock sirion with modified return less system in tank.

Full wiring harness is from the sirion.

Exhaust is done

Fanged it around a bit and noticed the cv gearbox seal was leaking, replaced.

Rear engine mount broke, have a new one coming next week.

Go some wheels and a hectic pod filter :slight_smile:

image image image image


nice work I see you have “S” plates may I ask what club you are in?
I have recently just got S plates on my swift.