Lakeside & QLD Raceway Sprint days

Hey guys I’m organising a track/sprint days on the 6th of May at Lakeside and 14th of October at Qld Raceway Ipswich.
All cars MUST be regoed and all drivers must wear long sleeve shirt, pants, closed in shoes and an Australian Standard Helmet.
Cost is $120 per person per event of which $20 per event is for the clubman licences. They are run days from 1pm to about 4:30. We would like 15 Daihatsus to attend Lakeside and 20 at Qld Raceway. If not enough interest it will be filled with non Daihatsus.
Payment details are $20 for a day licence unless you have one already. the the balance to me by two weeks before the event.
Events work like this: 15mins on the track at a time and that could be 4-5 times.
That’s all I can think of but if you are interested Please contact me for more details.
Click here to book in.

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God willing I’ll be there, esp Lakeside.

To anyone that has not done something like this, “it is a wake up” to your notion of “fast”. This is a different realm to those brief squirts you have had on the street. Big horsepower is not enough, nor is handling alone. Here is my order as to what will make you fast: a driver’s experience, understanding and taking responsible risks are properties which are more important to embrace than the mod’s to a car; the best single upgrade is tires (why so much talk about “boost”? and not about tires?); handling; and then torque (that’s right, it’s a more important focus than that of seeking power). Once all this is near mastered then I would suggest looking for more power. Lakeside is of course the spiritual home of motorsport and any qlder that thinks they are into motorsport should make the pilgrimage, esp to do a few laps.


Myself in the move and my daughter in her g202 are booked in already. Get that mira running @Mr_Gormsby. :slight_smile: I need to boost the move again too, jsut as well as I just got my turbo rebuild kit today. :slight_smile:

haha in regards to your post with boost, my move is damn slow even with boost and well I believe I have been working on the handling a little more so Hopefully it should be a tiny bit better.


Im all booked in just gotta pay the man on payday…
Than i need a new clutch, install my new cam, head studs, tidy up the ports, find some stiffer valve springs, install plenum and bigger injectors than its off to get the new ecu and tune. Plus lots more haha she already handles ok for now but thats what track days are for so we can find the next thing that needs attention right?


I have been a regular at the mid-week sprint series for the last 2 years at Lakeside (not in a Daihatsu), even placed third for the 2017 year in my class.
Feb 21 is the first day out in my recent Copen purchase, hoping that Nengun (and D-sport) get on with things and send over the much needed parts for the day, although it is not looking that way at present, Air filter, tow points and tower strut bar are all needed ASAP, radiator cap and gear knob, just for aesthetics :slight_smile:
I can highly recommend Lakeside as a great day out. The May Date perfectly fits between rounds 2 and 3 for the year.
Now how do I find a sponsor to pay all the entry fees…

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Welcome to the forum! I would love to have a copen come along. Bit jealous of you being able to do more regular sprints. I’d love to have the time and money to do it.

I call it my work-life balance and as it is pretty much the only time I get off work, they are happy to accommodate.
To reduce costs you can buy a season Racers Licence for $65 instead of the per event one. Also I do the mid-week events as they are cheaper.


First Sprint day was last Wednesday, first time out driving the car proper since I bought her in Jan.

Parts from D-Sport arrived on the Monday afternoon so Monday and Tuesday were spent fitting everything, both cosmetic (new gear knob, radiator cap) and modifications for track (tow point, air filter and tower strut bar).

All fluids changed prior, eventually found the gearbox filler point :slight_smile: The car is also missing the majority of the interior trim and a passenger seat, with more to come out.

So on track, swapping from a 195kw Renault Megane at 1400kg into a 50kw ~825kg Copen was an eye opener. Gear changes and driving lines are completely different in both cars, yet the average speed of the Copen is only 15kph off the Megane, down 50-60kph on the straight but am down to 2 braking points instead of 5-6…

As it was a shakedown and make sure I had no basic issues go wrong (temp, engine noise, engine keep working, scrub new tyres), and the weather started out torrential and moved to greasy before a fully dry track for the last 2 sessions of the day, I wasn’t pushing her overly hard either.

Fastest time was a 1:18.991 on my last lap of the day, bottom of the timing by 5 seconds for the day. But I had one of the biggest smiles on my face in a long time.
Will post some videos here soon.


Sounds like you had a blast. Really interested in videos. I didn’t have a timer on my Sirion last track day, but had a running battle with a charade that was doing early 1:15 to late 1:14. 1:18 is decent considering not pushing it and getting used to a new car.

What tires were you on? Size too?

Brand new Hankook RS4 195 50 15

The front left was scrubbing the inner guard when fully loaded on the exit of Carousel and the entry to Eastern Loop. Need to have a look and do some ‘adjustments’ would have to do with the ‘195’ part of the tyres :slight_smile:

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There are currently 7 spots left available for Lakeside and at the end of this month I’ll be opening the remaining spots up to all makes and models.

As always the first step is to register with QLD Raceways HERE

Hope to see you there!

As much as I love Lakeside I don’t think I’ll make it. Too much happening and I need to regain some focus and start off loading some possessions and projects. Making space with some renovations turned Bigger than Ben Hurr (young people will have to look that up).


Understandable Mr G. Hope you can still make an appearance as a spectator as I enjoyed chatting with you last year.

Perhaps if there is a non-dai space left right up until “last call” I might just enter the Subaru wagon. Please prompt me if I forget and you need “an extra”. Otherwise I do hope to spectate.


Definitely will Mr G

Jealous of this, :smile: I want to get my car on a track and see what happens . Hopefully all the calculations I made on the suspension and every other part on the car work. Seems to be OK handling wise so far


I would take it down the 1/4 at willowbank first up and see how it goes and it’s realively cheap to do and they dont exactly check your car also. I will say that there may be a lakeside one in future but I am not the organiser I just know the organiser has spoken of doing it. Also you could check out Skid control they do some cool stuff too. The rally Day I did wih the move was absolutly awesome, no vehicle checks and no rego etc needed.

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Not worried about getting checked out :slight_smile:everything is to the book.

And as soon as I get a screen in the front and give it a coat of paint.
Then rego it, shite load of paperwork


Im sure your doing everything spot on as you would need to but honestly I have seen some dais and other cars that I would not let on track but qld seems to not really check anything.

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