LED brake lights - which bulb type do I need for my L7?

Hi guys,

I want to put some Aliexpress brake lights that emit a red light, but I’m getting kinda lost on all the various bulb types. It has to fit in my L7 Cuore (EU spec if that matters).

Does anyone know what bulb specs I should be looking for? T20, 7440, 7443, 7443 SRCK, …?


I think the best way is to remove the old light and check what it says. The codes that you came up with are unknown to me, I only know the H4, HB4, J7 etc lights.

PS: post some pictures of your car in the ‘Welcome to LIVETODAI’. Many around here are a fan of the L7 :wink:

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Since when did you get Jasper’s old lights? :joy:
Totally missed that

Btw, Remco put those kind of bulbs in all his L7’s, so if there’s someone who’d know which one you need, it’s him

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:eyes: :eyes:

I had a chat with Remco but in order for it to work I have to switch two wires. Which is not a big problem, but I wondered if there aren’t any better solutions.

I’ll have a look at my current lights and report back on it if I find the motivation to head down to the parking lot of my flat.

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look around as some of the L700 owners here in australia get the direct replacement taillights that are LED built in

Remco doesn’t live that far away from you, does he? Maybe he can help you out sometime!