List of Daihatsu forums/info sources

Minkara Carview (kinda like a Japanese social media site?) : ダイハツ 車種一覧 - 自動車情報のみんカラ
Cartune (Another Japanese forum/media site) ダイハツの車種一覧|車のカスタム情報はCARTUNE

Live to Dai:

Daihatsu drivers UK:


Daiforum (Deceased, access August 1st, 2015):

Kei cars in the park (Deceased, access December 2021. Good info for kei owners)

Daiclub (Deceased, nearly zero info except for workshop manuals for hd and cb engines):

Dairally :

Please feel free to add any other Daihatsu info resources you may know of. In many cases, the “Wayback Machine” can be used to access older forums no longer in existence.


Daiforum was the pre-curser to Livetodai it was a very broken forum thus the descision was made to not keep flogging a dead horse and create something new. @FrAsErTaG has done a wonderful job with this forum and its usability and keeping it running spot on.
Also Diahard is still running just impossible to get in unless you had an old username and password just not much dai talk theses days. but they are great people in there.

Thankyou for putting up all the links and info.

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