Little tidy whitey


looks like it’s in a good cooler area of the engine bay able to get the cold air from the headlight gaps too. :+1:


shall finish it off tomorrow and make it all pretty :slight_smile:


the turbo intake is now finished for now


i stopped being lazy and mounted my gauges onto the new black dash. still have to wire them all back up again but it’s a good chance to clean up the wiring even more


so glad the brittle bit didnt break :wink:


So after months and months of putting it off and thinking about it i dragged my sore old self out side to test fit the timing belt cover on my franken and bam it bolted right up no dramas. silly me for being worried about it. Now only very small things before i can get the beast mod plated and back on the road <3 DSC_0017


Walbro 255 fuel pump installed i had to mod the stock cradle slightly to fit the bigger pump but it worked great
i always swapped out the old carby return fuel line for a slightly bigger one26197156_1580756282007022_1298088280_n

It seems i am getting back pressure due to still using the old carby sized rubber hoses so i will upgrade to a bigger hose in the coming weeks after i take hold of something special in the coming week or so.


So i’ve sorted everything out with little tidy. So lets start.
My return hardline was blocked with something after sitting over a year, maybe some 8 legged freak.
i have upped my return to a 6.5 ID hose to help flow with the walbro 255 pump.
i swapped out the 215cc injectors that were over fueling my poor little motor with
1.3 charade injectors (direct swap in) and so far my car idles perfect and revs perfect with
AFRS about 14.8-16.0 idle and under full boost load 11.0-12.5 ish with a fuel pressure about 30psi
and boost bump upto around 45 psi. i am over the moon.


Also for who that don’t know the little something i was taking care of is my new 4door mira :slight_smile: so yes i have two aha


oh careful they don’t breed more. They have a habit of doing that sort of thing. Well done on the 1.3 injectors. Guess I better find some next.


the abc near me has a few 1.3s i was gonna take all the injectors but only so much room in my pants lol.


got a set of 1.6 here if any use @evilhighway just throwing out otherwise, condition unknown


yeh sure I will grab them @Mokeman. pm me or catch me on FB


Oh my i’m behind on my thread. i can’t even remember what i’ve done since last update.

Little tidy has been a good girl and working for me so i’ve been treating her.
I got my hands on a trxx dash cluster with the help of a friend.
I discovered that L500 ef/el dash loom plugs are a direct plug in for the L2 trxx cluster only needing a repin.
I’ve swapped out my old speco rpm gauge for a autometer volt gauge that will be soon replaced with a electronic oil pressure gauge.
Installed a G11 steering wheel that suits the build so far and looks great.
Little things i can’t remember but will update if i do remember


So like anything daihatsu related we have to either design and make or mod something to fit. My top wing had no brake light so i had to make something up to put in that ugly space. This is what i came up with, it was made from a flat sheet of plastic i used cardboard as the template and make the rough shape i wanted… it might look simple but it has a slight bend in length and depth so i had to use a heat gun to get the shape correct. I think it turned out okay.


Okay so it’s been awhile and for a reason. Nothing has happened to poor tidy :frowning: but today i had some motivation and mocked up the turbos cooling system.

As you can see there is something missing on the front of the turbo. The turbo was from an EF-DET so the cooling pipe wasn’t a direct fit and that is why i have delayed installing it.
With some Nail biting moments bending the pipe into shape i managed to snake it behind the dump pipe and next to the factory water neck. I found a T-piece That seemed to be the perfect size to splice into the bottom feed that would normally go to the heater core.
So since it was a very sharp bend to the joins i thought id use some hard line From something you see see later on but as you can see it works perfect.
So now there is that hardline from above. It’s a hardline for an L500 fuel feed but just happens to be perfect as you will see in a second.
Looks almost factory made for that don’t you think? a small amount of bending made it fit perfect. It even lined right up to mount it on the bonnet latch bolt.

So with that being done, Next one the list is a slim Radiator fan on the front to save space in the bay.
Until next update, Stay classy!


nice work than mate


Factory fan removed and installed a slim fan on the front to save space within the engine bay.


So today i started a swap from grey to black interior in tidy. Being a handivan makes it a challenge. As you can see from the photos below the grey just didnt suit it.

So now i start the big change.

All seems simple enough doesn’t it.

So i swap everything in the front. including changing seatbelts to black and handbrake and seatbelt clips to black and kick panels etc. The black door cards are much wider and needed the door to be drilled for the little clips to fit in.

The back is a different story. the plastic parts go in fine but there is no threads for any of the mounts and no mounts for the seats them self.

These are the rear seat mounts. i will be drilling out the spot welds and welding them into tidy in the same spot. thats simple enough but the end part isn’t look at these photos.

As you can see the rear piller where the seatbelt would normally bolt to doesn’t even have a hole. Now my plan is to weld a washer or abit of metal onto the piller to make a strong point point and drill a hole then insert a rivnut. If you have a better way or an idea of another way please let me know.

That is all for today, i will tackle the rest over the weekend.


So a big step for tidy today. She got a 4x100 hub swap allowing me to run bigger wheels and more of a choice.
Next step is lows :slight_smile: