Little tidy whitey


So its getting hardcore now! the bodywork is starting!!!
I couldnt find myself a s1 trxx front bumper local and was going to cost about $500 AUD to get one
into australia so i decided to design my own, as you can see in the photo below that is what it looked like before i started everything. the bottom part is a l200 rear bumper flipped upside down and trimmed to rough size.

Next i measured to size and cut in in the middle because the bar was to wide to fit snug on the ends.
I drilled holes and held it with zipties.

Then i filled up the gap with expanding foam to help bond the two parts together

Now the foam is dry i went ahead and removed the zip ties holding the two parts together
and got the 38grit sand paper and gave the edges a good sand and roughen up the surfaces for the fiber glass mat to have a better chance to bond to.

I put down layers of fiberglass and a few extra in the middle on the join

I then filled the top body line and the bottom hole on the grille

While i had the energy i filled the gap between the bottom half and factory bumper to make it look like one and not an add on

I have yet to sand it down and finish it off but this is where i am at now.


Looking awesome! Wish I had the time and know-how to do something like this on the Move.


So after hours of sanding it’s somewhat finished. not 100% happy with it but i can always
go back and do the finer details.
Makes the front look angry.


I had 4x100 redrills on the rear of tidy but as we all know the 66.1mm center makes finding normal wheels a pain!
So I gathered some Sirion GTVI rear brake setup with handbrake cable from a friendly forum member and i was amazed at how easy everything is. For anyone who wishes to do this swap you will be happy to know it is a simple bolt on job.

Here are some photos of the handbrake cable all mounted up with new P clamps

Here is a short video showing the handbrake works as normal.


Rear GTVI drums bolt right on so as not to have to redrill and give the correct centre diameter location for most 100pcd. Otherwise an easy fix if you have a lathe. Use the Sirion rear wheel cylinders too for more rear bias (no need to upgrade the master cylinder).


Yes you’re correct. I used the whole rear brake setup… for how easy it is it’s worth it over the redrilled mira drums, the size is abit bigger also…


Sorry, my mistake - my reread gets it now. Yep you did the whole swap over to replace the redrills.


Body work is well and truly happening. Both front fenders had damage so i banged it out and skimmed them and smoothed out like new.
Relocated fender blinker location “i’m yet to fill old holes”
Bonnet was bent and dents on passenger side, in the photo is the 1st skim of fiberglass filler sanded down and covered in primer for overnight to keep the rust away.
Lots of work left.
after front end being finished i’ll move onto the roof that is very damaged and will take alot of work.


The next big step! color baby.