Live to Dai and other cool stickers- samples?

I am in a middle of my amateur tune-up project for Cuore/ Mira L700, gen 5, will liekly share a photo or two in the future, but for now, im looking for some cool stickers paterns reffering to Daihatsu, JDM, japan in general… I already have “made in japan” with barcode, is there any sticker i can put on my fender? Anything at all, or where to get it ? I could design it myself and just order, but maybe it will come easier by just asking here.

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@evilhighway might still have some stickers available


Actually I was just thinking that a L2D sticker with a QR code to the website would also make a great addition.


Im keen if theres some still around

QR code also sounds good, let’s see if anyone finds anything, if not, i will put my own 2d graphics skills to use, design something and will share here once done

I have very few left and All my sticker making stuff has been sold as In a few months I will be full time traveling and living in a Van. Check my build thread in other builds section. I must do an update too. I used to use them to help raise funds for the forum without having the equipment etc anymore I will not be able too. So I guess it’s finally open to everyone to make them or get them made. I look forward to seeing your design Grizzley.

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