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gday all,
bought my son a 94 charade just over 12 mths ago & have been trolling through the threads on the old daiforum imagining all the cool conversions i can do it but just keeping it going is taking up most of my spare time. timing belt change this weekend & i’m hoping that an idle air control valve change / clean / repair will fix my surging idle & overheating. anyway, downloaded a service manual for a carby G202 & not the EFI model so i’m hoping there’s one in the service manual section. that will do for now


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Welcome mate.
I’m sure someone on here will be able to assist you with whatever enquiries you have on this.

welcome to the forum Russell :slight_smile: yes there is a complete service manual for all G200 series Charades, make a build post of your car, helps to keep track of what you have done also :slight_smile: overheating in the 4 cyls is apparently fairly common, normally headgasket :frowning: best to get a compression test done just to rule out this possibility

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welcome to the forum

Welcome. Nice to have some variety with your more modern and diverse Dai