Livetodai merchandise on

I have made a redbubble account and have started to get some Live to dai merch available for purchase. There is only one design currently but you can get sticker’s coffee mugs, hoodies and t-shirts etc.
In future there will be more available but you know how it goes . You got to start somewhere.
Rest assured any profit from these will go straight back into keeping the forum up an running and back into the daihatsu commuity.
To find what we have so far just g o to
type in “livetodai” in the search bar and this should bring you to what is available.
All sales etc are done through redbubble so we do not have any stock and can not be bought from other sources.
Go check it out! I will put a note in here when more design’s etc are available.


The design looks great, well done Evil!

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Design credit actually goes to @Luke . I probably should have mentioned that lol. oops sorry Luke!


I I captain lol.

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