Livetodai Upgrade - 01/05/2017

##Scheduled Maintenance
All Members please note there will be a scheduled outage at approximately
10am on the 1st of May 2017, This outage is to upgrade the core of the forum as well as install a plugin.

###Upgrade notes:
There will be two new improvements to the community.

####Better Theming support
The latest upgrade of the forum software will give us better control over theming and will allow me to fix up some obvious theming issues on the site. This is a much desired upgrade.

####Flag Plugin information:
To accompany the location item in our user cards (example below) it will now be possible to state our country, whilst most of us are Australian based, there is some users from other countries and this will help us all identify without looking at a user card (viewed by clicking on the users icon).

Example of current user card

The plugin will place a flag next to the users name when they create a post, please note that this as well as the location setting in your profile is on an opt in basis.

After installing and enabling in Admin/Plugins, users will have a new custom setting called ‘National Flag’. After selecting a country code from the dropdown, the flag image will be displayed alongside their name in topics and also displayed on their user profile.


###Upgrade Successful

You can now access your country flag in your profile.

Scroll down until you see the item for national flag.

For Australia it is AU