Livetodai Upgrade - 28/07/2017

##Scheduled Maintenance
All Members please note there will be a scheduled outage at approximately
8:30pm (AEST) on the 28th of July 2017, This outage is to upgrade the core of the forum and is requiring a full backup to be completed prior to the upgrade

###Upgrade notes:

  • Critical Security Patch
  • Plugin Upgrades - Chat, Messages, Translator and who’s online
  • OS and Platform upgrades

Upgrade was successful.

However I have had to disable a feature that is regularly used on the forum. This is the chat plugin, you will notice the icon missing.

The reason for my decision to continue the upgrade without the chat function is that there was a vulnerability found in the version of software we were running and this upgrade resolved that, whilst I am sure we all found that plugin useful it was not worth risking the platform being hacked to keep it. Please do not misunderstand, the chat plugin was not vulnerable.

The chat plugin has just not caught up to the recent changes, during the failed attempts at upgrading I reviewed the notes on the plugin and I should be able to resolve this issue within the next week, until then I am sorry for the inconvenience of the chat function being disabled.

the failure

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