Location of remote central locking receiver OEM

Does anyone know where the RCL receiver lives in an M101 sirion? I’m pondering getting a new RCL kit to replace my OEM one as I am a hamfisted idiot and broke the unlock button on the OEM fob.

I’d need to find where the OEM receiver lives and cut it out of the loom, then solder in the wiring harness of the new receiver. Not difficult, but I’d like to know where the OEM one lives.

I am assuming it lives in the dashboard somewhere near the fusebox, perhaps behind the glovebox?

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I believe it’s close to the passenger airbag. You should be able to see/reach it when you open up the glovebox and look above it.

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Damn that’s an easy place. In the m300 it’s underneath/behind the instrument cluster. I’ve tried to get another central locking mechanism installed but Daihatsu uses a strange way to let the lock work. Let me know if you succeed!

Yep, thats where it sits, just above the glovebox on a small bracket. Really easy to get to.

@Mophius is right though, it uses an odd system for making the lock work. there are three wires - 12v supply, ground (easy) and ONE wire for lock/unlock signal. I was expecting two wires, one for lock signal and one for unlock signal - this is what all the aftermarket kits seem to do.

I’m not sure how I can get both signals on one pin? I’d really prefer to to have to rip the OEM wiring loom to bits if I can avoid it.