Log Nut bolts removeable? Copen/cuore


I am Running a copen Front axle and hub. One of the bolts Got shredded. (Wheel spacers wouldn’t come off)
Is it possbile to change this one Single bolt or do i have to change the complete hub?


Yes it is.
It’s held in with a press fit and because of a nearl on the back.
Pull the caliper off so you can get the rotor off and hit it from the front with a hammer back through the hub.
Then buy a wheel stud and pull or press it through again.
For a better explanation jump onto YouTube and look up wheel stud replacement.
For stud try any auto parts store or "nice industries"
They sell all wheel studs and nuts.


Perfect. Thats what i have hoped for:) thanks!

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It can be done on the car as Paulep82 explained. To pull it back in just use some big thick washers. Lubricate the stud thread. Turn the wheel nut the wrong way so that the flat side is going to be up against the washers. Do it up until the back of the stud pulls flush. On mine I went to M12 x 1.25 instead of M12 x 1.5 as you get more clamping force (and I could move to 19mm socket instead of 21mm) and because I have a lot of Subaru and Nissan stuff around which included 70mm long ARP studs. I’ve also moved to smaller wheel nuts yet again that use a 17mm socket as they do not foul on any of my rims.