Looking For EF EL torque specs

G’day from Queensland!

I have recently bought an L80 Handivan with an EF EL engine swapped into it.
I’m looking to do a rebuild down the line and have had no luck finding the torque specs for this engine.

Bear in mind I’m all new to this haha. Any pointers would be awesome.

If anyone else happens to have an L800 and needs parts, I have been stripping a donor car. Feel free to email me if you need anything (clay.grey01@gmail.com)

Cheers in advance

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Welcome mate I have moved your post from Questions and answers to All New people as it is the starting place here on our fourms.
It is an L80 not an L800 so you may have more luck finding info without the extra 0 on the end.
This car has a history like alot of them we have seen over the years,
I last saw it in person in about 2015 when Graeme still had it and it still had an eb550cc carby engine in it.
Since he sold it It has had a couple of owners and I have seen posts on facebook but never really paid attention much to be honest. Do some more reading and soon and the manuals section should open up to you.


Appreciate it mate, corrected to L80. My manual is missing a few pages but I should be able to find it.