Looking for L700 bumper parts

Hi all,

Right now my Cuore is rocking the TR bumper and I like it a lot. But I’ve always loved the pre-facelift bumper on the L700. But the stock bumper is a little bit dull and a bit too simple in my opinion. But then I saw the following:

With those extenders (what are they called?) on the corners and the fog lights I really love the way this bumper looks!

I was wondering if someone perhaps knows where I could get these extenders and a set of fog lights. Or maybe what the part numbers are. Would really appreciate some info!

It’s a really rare Aero kit called the “Pure Aero” kit. It was a factory option, but most people opted for the Gino kit. hence it’s rarity.

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Ah that’s weird. Over here the Aero package had the TR bumper…


Thanks for the info tho. I’m gonna look around using that name.

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I think it was a JDM only option. Which I guess also add to the rarity. You might get lucky and one day a kit will pop up on yahoo auctions.

Speaking of Yahoo Auctions, I am a fan of this l700 kit on there:

I actually think I found the fog light set over here. Brand new still in box. I’m going to have a look at them next weekend. The ex-dealership I visited recently should have one set for a good price. So those are probably not JDM only. As for the bumper skirts… I’m just gonna keep looking for them on Buyee. They should pop up at some point… I hope.

I’ve always loved that Spiegel kit! But I’ve never seen one with a grill. Do people fit those bumpers with that gap? It looks a bit odd to me haha!

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Well, I actually found a set of those bumper spoilers… The opening bid is a bit much tho :money_with_wings:


Think I’m gonna skip this one for now :roll_eyes: