Looking for Spec Info on Isuzu NPR Gas Trucks, Doing Engine + Transmission Swap

Hello, thanks for stopping by on my 1st post here.

I’m planning on engine swapping a Dodge Dakota with an Isuzu 4BD1T. The transmissions that come stock on those trucks don’t match with this engine I have. I’ve found a manual transmission for sale which came out of a gas Isuzu NPR, but I’m not sure if those transmissions fit my engine, or if it does, what amount of torque it’s rated to handle. Does anyone have any info source? The transmission I’m looking at probably came out of a truck that was at least 10 years old, so some specification lists for trucks of that age or older would be fantastic.

Alternatively, any general pointers on getting a transmission mated to an engine are welcomed.

Daihatsu does industrial stuff and up to 2010 you could get the Delta which was their biggest truck. I don’t think there is anyone here into anything Dakota size.