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I’m new here, so I have lots of questions to ask about Daihatsu’s Hijet y. 92. so here’s the first . I have a 1992 hijet. I really want to make it fast enough to take it on the highway. it has only a 659cc in it now. but I would like to put a 993 in it , well. I have been thinking of a lot of engines to swap in it. so is there a 993 model that will bolt up to my trannie?

can I make the engine I have , make any more power? could my stockEF 659cc be turbo boosted with a vz21 turbo and be ok? or am I going to have to rebuild it to make things work?

stock motor can be boosted but for best results you need to go a standalone ecu as dai ones are locked

Maybe introduce yourself on the introduction page first. Show some pics and tell us something about the hijet. Allot more people will be able to help if you get them interested :wink: It seems the hijet are a bit rare on this forum


you’re right! How rude of me. I apologize.


piggy backs are fine with ed and ef for fuel management. Remember frankenstein’s (chris) mira ran a 15.9 second 1/4 yrs ago with his backyard and manual tuning. I heard on Saturday Siale’s old L7 that jono built with stand alone did a 15.6 and my move when I had it did a 16.3 with an old greddy emeange piggy back. So it really comes down to affordability and what way you want to go. Yes with a standalone you can get best tune but it can be done cheaper also.

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Thankyou you beat me to it. lol

so I’ve been looking for a H series or a K series engine for my hijet. But can’t find anything even close. Can you take a EF engine and turn it into the same displacement as a k , or an h series ?

Someone more knowledgeable than me will be along shortly, but I suspect the answer is ‘no’ - the 659cc engine might be able to be bored out slightly, and potentially stroked too, but I would be very surprised if you could add more than 100cc to the total displacement, and would cost a serious amount of money to have replacement oversized pistons, rings, and bespoke crank, coupled with needing to strip the engine to literally its component pieces to do so.

I’d keep looking out for a secondhand engine - either a 993cc with all associated sensors and ECU and things, or a turbocharged 659cc, again with all the sensors and ECU and things.

No. I don’t want complicated. But can’t afford the exporting of an engine. The over all cost with shipping , broker, duties&taxes. & fees would kill me. I did that with my hijet and man what a ride.
it hard to find anything over here , but I’ll keep lookin’. Thanx for your time.

Where are you based? There might be some members nearby who either have spare engines or know of where to get one?

I’m in Portland Oregon.

would it matter which stand alone ECU I used ?

Use the one your local tuner prefers.

use the one your local tuner prefers? I don’t understand . you aren’t making sense.

Are you going to tune the car yourself or are you going to let the local tuner tune the car for you? It doesn’t really matter wich ecu you take so the best option is the one your local tuner prefers. Because that the one he knows best and with wich he can work the best. Saving you time and money and getting you better results.

I’m wondering if anyone can tell me what hijet engine has the power to get me up to highway speed easily, but are readily available?