Love the new direction

Have always aspired to own a daewoo and it looks like that dream is one step closer to reality!

It had taken some convincing the wife that we should sell both our current cars so we could finally be rolling in style and much to my surprise she has even decided to get a pretty nice low km one owner Lanos for herself and I will be getting a cute little Matiz with a custom ECU and a turbo!

Can’t wait to come to the next track day and smash all you blokes with you hectik dai’s :sunglasses:

Ps. This post is going to look really stupid tomorrow :grimacing:


Funny thing is Daewoo Matiz in all its 3cyl glory was what led me to the dai world hahaha!


Well then I’m in very illustrious company :sunglasses:

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wow that manifold and turbo placement is awesome. What a weapon.