Love the new Website

I was a member of Daiforum for many years, and enjoyed the Forums as a learning resource for various maintenance.
Looking forward to using the new site at LIVETODAI, and sharing with other Members.
Owned many Charades over the past years… In 1991, bought my first Chrade…a new G102 CXI 1.3i.
Put over 400,000 km on it, before I sold it.
I’ve done most of the maintenance on my Charades myself.
Currently have a Charage G203 with 1.6 HD-E Engine from an Applause or Rocky
(Bought as an unfinished project)
Daihatsu Black-Silver


Welcome to the new site.

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Welcome mate.

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Thanks @Paulep82, Is that an F2? I like the colour of your car, plus the rear hatch spoiler and trim.
Are your rims Speedy “Racing Fear” (Can’t really tell from the small profile picture)

Thanks mate. I really have no idea ay about the rims. It was just a set I had lying around off a starlet I bought one time.
There’s some pix. I had that car for about 10 years and drove it for 5kms only!
The day I drove it up the street is the day I sold it.
It was an f2 with stock de tom halfcut swap.
I bought it damaged and left it as a project for years.
I painted it and got it running and advertised it the day I got rego. Sad to see it go really but well overdue.


Thanks, I know what you mean about projects that seem to take forever.
I’m on holidays, so I’ll finish off my G203 and then post for sale. Too many projects.
I’ve valued the input from previous Daiforum and have built confidence in my abilities through Dai DIY.
I’m a traitor now, as my newish daily is a’99 Audi A3 1.8T, and doing a couple of builds on A4 1.8T Quattros.

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welcome to the new forum mate good to see some old faces traveled across. :slight_smile:

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Yeah @evilhighway, it’s been a while since the Daiforum days, and I’m pleased to see Dai gurus assisting with Q & A.

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I found this site just through Google, the layout of the site is great but the people that are in it, really make it is what it is.


I agree…it’s the people. :grinning:smile: