Lowering the cuore L701

Hello i have stock cuore L7 and i want to make it more solid and lower.
What to use?
Only springs?

I search and i found v-maxx 35 DH 10 35/35mm for a cuore L701.
What do you think?

Why i have different distances in rear wheels?
Right side back
Left side back

I made a comment in FB and would assess if the distance is different on the top and at front of tire as well (thus a suspension) or is it just at the rear? If so there is clearly a ding in that panel and that would be a factor.

I make measure in the front of the rear wheels to see if its the same.

i measure from metal body area(rear doors) and i have 5mm diferences right-left.

So you are saying you have a 5mm clearance difference at the front of the rear tires and also a clearance at the rear of the rear tires?

Can you take photos of each rear wheel and the entire wheel arch?

Ok.i measure it.
All its ok
The bumper was hit.

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