Lsd and tall diff gears for L500

Hello all im looking for options on a better gearbox for “cupcake” i realy need an lsd and taller ratios as im limited to about 160kmh is there a gearbox that will bolt up to the ej block and last for a while with decent power? I dont mind making custom driveshaft’s

Depends what you mean by “decent power”. Talk to Denniston Graham in Jamaica. He’s played with more gearboxes in his L500 than I’ve had hot breakfasts.

I’ll have a couple of EF EL TRXX boxes for sale soon each with LSDs, one is 4.4 final drive.


Mate if there decent and the price is right i will grab both of them. Im unsure on my final ratio but 4000rpm at 100 in 5th also i could try bigger tyres aswell. Maby some 185 60 14’s. I just need to get my top speed up for lakeside mainly

Will let you know. I’ll try to make this happen this year. One is viscus and a really good box for the road. The other is clutch type lsd. Both are the jackshaft type. One will have a totally adjustable quick shift that puts the gear knob up near the steering wheel. One has new bearings.

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Sounds good mate just let me know when you feel like selling them as i need something better than spinning 1 wheel in 4th lol. I dont know much about jackshafts but im guessing they have a carrier bearing and a short shaft to make both axles to the hubs the same length? Is this to help with torque steer?

Yes the equal shafts help reduce torque steer. With a single long shaft it gets some twist. The take up and unload of this makes one wheel drive slow/fast compared to the other. I’ve not run them on a circuit, but at motokhana or khanacross the difference is night and day. On the road too “damn fast” being able to drive through corners. The viscous gives a little slip at first but then grabs, it is my preference for anything you drive two or more times a week on the road. My road car has a rear full on race diff right now. It is really tight clutch wise, and does every thing I knew it would do: hooks; is noisy (clunk clunk) on sharper turns; understeers unless you give it some; and is just something that makes on drive in a manner that can get one into trouble. A tight front LSD makes for super heavy steering (the viscous feel good) and feels awful at road speed since they pull and buck; and this is with about 30% of the load you would give a rwd. On the other hand under power they come alive. They still need a soft front spring rate and stiff rear. After going to the lsd the next glaring problem was the slow steering. The car became fast enough that it was impossible to feed the steering wheel fast enough to drive it, and you need to do that as the front gets a connected fee. On facebok the is so much excitement about turbos - I don’t know how anyone could drive anything with grunt and not have one. My NA is 79hp and without the lsd smokes one tire in first through third and chirped in fourth.


Thanks for the info mate as this is the first front wheel drive car than i have done any real performance work to I’m enjoying the new things im learning and the quirkiness of them haha. My steering would be nicer with a few less turns but its not slowing me down yet as even at qr i was using less than half a turn. I only have cheep coilovers and under hard cornering my splitter was getting prety close to the track

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Splitter close to the ground is perfect. If you are going to get serious with aero have a look at my build thread and consider a notched fuel tank, tire well delete, straight through exhaust, cut out bumper and the (what I’ve not done yet) a diffuser.

Yeah i have read through your build which i really like. I plan on removing the spare wheel well and running a 38L fuel cell in the back as i will be running e85 soon ( not very good for keeping the weight down low but oh well… ) and eventually running an under tray with diffuser. For now its baby steps making the engine and drivetrain stronger and getting the power to the ground

38 litre is pretty big. Mine is 20 litre with baffles. For the comp I do 5 litres would be enough. But if you drive it daily I suppose a big tank for e85 convenience. On 98 mine does 400 km of thrashed driving

Yeah i was thinking the extra capacity would be nice with e85 and its foam filled so would loose some capacity i guess. Mine is still reasonably efficient if i drive it carefully, it sits on about 95kpa map at 100kmh but will easily see 120 to 140kpa map up a hill so it starts getting into the richer area of the fuel map and there goes the efficiency haha but at those low boost pressure’s its around .9 lambda. Im getting it tuned next month at turning point technology in Hervy bay (brad does some amazing work) so im sure he will get the timing sorted so its good for economy in the low load areas.

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Going through the manual for the L201 and L200,the ED 4 & 5 speeds had a lower final drive than the EF 5 speed, i am looking at swapping the 4sp final drive into a 5 sp spare EF i have to bring down the revs at 100kph, currently about 4400rpm according to my tacho, will keep updated :slight_smile:

The pinion on the four and five speeds do not detach, from memory. The shafts are not interchangeable. My 4.4 final drive is specific to that gearset and same with the 4.9 std ratios.