Lsp at willowbank for 1/4 mile

Ok if you don’t know anything about LSP.
Lsp is a daihatsu persons L700 with a k3 turbo engine. Very custom and and a very nice car. It is owned by @Motherhatsu and the L7 has the power of 200+hp
I cant remember the exact figures off hand but you get the idea. It can be a very fast daihatsu.
So If you want to see what time it gets or want to have a go at the 1/4 on the same night then I suggest you come along and spectate or compete!
Willowbank raceway 24th of july


14sec on the current tires. High trap speed low 30ft time. Quicker on better new semi slicks. Great to know Motherhatsu is going along. I think it would better suit roll racing. Good on her.

that would be my guess or high 13’s maybe.
I know she has done roll racing quite a few times and I think she just wants to see what she can get. :slight_smile: I think her one of her son’s will do a run also and she seems to think he will get a better time than her.
She has taken her stagea down the 1/4 before so it’s good it’s not a first time thing and she has an idea of what to do :slight_smile:

Tires will prevent 13s. In fact, if they are old and it is a cold evening it may be low 15s. Cold and making more power won’t be the issue, grip will be. Last time I was out there on a winter night was with Ken’s Datsun 1600. It did 13.2sec back to back all night on Yoko Advan 050. She has Federal 595 RS-R in 195. More road tire than semi-slick thought the latter is what they are advertised as. It does have a 1.5way lsd, but I still see it blow the tires off. Good luck to her and I hope it is quicker than my prediction.

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yeh I agree power isn’t going to be the issue it will be grip for sure. I had an idea it is street tyres but no idea of specs etc. I think alot will come down to how the take off is but that is the same with any 1/4. I know that when Greame edwards and I raced our move’s for our 20 second’s of fame. I know I had a slower car but I had a better take off both times. I did remember Tim got a 14 something years ago in his mira and a 16:35 I think was my best in the move.
I will be optimistic and say high 13’s is my top estimate.

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Yeah, Tim’s was hopeless off the line. Mind you he always had 100kg of extra stuff in the back and didn’t ever have a half-decent tire, not even old or low-level semi-slicks. Above legal limits, I don’t remember it ever being beaten in roll racing.

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