Lumpy Space Princess - EJ DE -> K3VE2++

Finally have time to sit down and do my build post :grin:

As most who already know LSP would know, I didn’t do hardly any of this work myself. I paid mechanics, tuners, auto electricians, spray painters, friends, etc., to do the work.

Basically the build idea was to remove the original EJ DE engine and replace with a K3VE2 engine (Sirion GTvi), that had been bored out to 1.5L and add a turbo.

It is also dual fuel: P98/E85 and dual tune: 12psi daily and 15.5psi track.

Car measurements 1




Engine 1

Engine 4

Engine 8
























078 (2)




No room for this in the engine bay. But sadly the G forces under braking mean, means that the reservoir is usually empty. I need some genius to work out valves or something, so that the water only releases when the pump is activated…

Carrozzeria Finish



Spiegel Coilovers






Yay. Quite a few of us have been in baited anticipation of your arrival! If I knew you were arriving today I’d have gotten out the royal rug.

Welcome, Princess.


Why thank you Mr_Gormsby :grin:

Life gets chaotic sometimes. But I finally made it! And of course I’d chosen loads of photos and tried to put them in order, only to be told I had a 5 photo limit… but I’ve added some more since.


The more you post the more freedom you will have. Fraser has built a fantastic forum, he and Jimmy (Mr Evil) are the driving force and after that it’s built on contributions like yours and mine. I can’t wait to see more (I hear about the LSP a bit at school from one of my students R Davies who’s given me excieted updates as to progress as he hears it).

Very nice.
Looks awesome. Very clean too. Nothing I would change if it were mine.
Something to be proud of.
Good job.

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Only the Princess may have a purple one. So you would need to change it to another colour. :grin:


This ride is awesome and so is Adventure Time. LSP would approve!!!

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Thanks Paulep82 and Delabs. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart: If she wasn’t already called LSP, she’d be called Prozac! She gives me so much joy, in the driving experience and the attention and love from fans.

What grade is R Davies in, Mr_Gormsby?? Maybe LSP will make an appearance at the school one day :grin:

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Yr 12. His brother, apparently, had a hand in building your engine. R D is a really good kid and a good influence on his peers.

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Right. I know exactly who you mean. And their father did also. The father was the person who spray the engine bay while the engine was out, and worked at the workshop that did the bulk of the work.

He didn’t get the job of spraying the whole car, because he didn’t use any primer on the engine bay, and when the engine and bits were being fitted, paint was chipping off… Also, he seemed to almost have it in for my car. Hampering the progress of the work, not allowing the mechanic time to work on it etc, filling his tray with other job cards etc… to the point where the shop manager had to intervene.

They had had the car for almost 8 months, when I said enough’s enough. I’ll have my car back and get someone else to finish it. To which the owner basically begged me to leave the car and let the mechanic finish the work. Assuring me, that he would be allowed uninterrupted time on the car, in order for it to be finished.

My other HUGE disappointment with this workshop was that the original EJ DE engine has been promised to go to the Daihatsu Wrecker at Archerfield, as payment for all the extra parts that they included for me, knowing I was doing a K3 swap and would need more than just the engine…

The build mechanic shared with me personally, that the work shop had started cannibalising my EJ DE engine, for parts to fix other customers cars. Without my consent. Theft. When I mentioned this to the workshop owner, he confirmed it. So naturally the wrecker wasn’t interested in having the engine anymore, because they didn’t know what they were getting.

This was the workshop that I had taken all my many cars to, over 7+ years. Just a disgusting way to repay someone’s loyalty. Needless-to-say, they no longer maintain any of our cars.

I’m sure the boys are good boys, but I don’t think much of their father, or his employer.


Welcome Motherhatsu,

Great to see LSPfinally made her way here to be with these pages.
Its rally good to see the headaches you went through are all behind you now and you just get to enjoy your dream car they way you wanted it. I bet your still not finished with little bits and pieces though. :slight_smile:

I know you already have heaps on record on the build but if you ever feel you need to one of the features of the forum allows you to download your own build thread or posts. So just remember that option if you ever wish to use it.

Once again welcome aboard and good to see you here :slight_smile:

Disappointing for sure. From high school in 1985 I did a four year trade as a spray painter, so I really cringe at the thought of top coat going down on a surface not properly prepared. All up a really poorly managed shop. I hope all is on track now.

Thanks evilhighway :grin:

I may be Motherhatsu, but I’m a forum virgin! I’ll have to put my thinking cap on, about “downloading my own build thread”… It seems to be so messy and photos out of order etc… Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! :kissing_heart: I’ll probably just end up doing what I did yesterday, and just add photos and notes, into the thread, when I remember them :blush:

Thanks Mr_Gormsby :grin:

Definitely a poorly managed shop, and I’m a little disappointed I didn’t take my son’s advise and give the build to a “performance car workshop” - but through this experience I now know what they’re really like and happy to no longer go to that place.

LSP’s main mechanic now, is a home based mechanic. He is a Subaru legend and his brother is a Nissan Certified GT-R specialist (I also own a Stagea), so between them, they know plenty about performance/turbo cars. :grin:




No i think your doing fine. This is one of the easiest user friendly forum’s I have ever used. as an example the old daiforum you had to host photos to a 3rd party and then use a link code from the 3rd party website to embed them to be able to see them.
As for order of photos I thought you were doing very well also I should look properly before speaking in future.
You can download all your posts as a personal backup which your build thread would be within of coarse.
To do this (on pc Im not sure on phone) just click your picture on the top right, then click your username and it will come up like this

But with yours and not mine obviously and then you just click the download all button and follow what needs to be done.
You shouldn’t have to do this but years ago on daiforum we lost months of data from previous admin not doing backups etc and there were a lot of unhappy people that lost a lot of data.
It’s just a nice feature it has for anyone that likes to backup there own data I guess.


Welcome to the forum @Motherhatsu!!!
I guess all my bugging eventually worked :stuck_out_tongue:

Whilst most people on the facebook and forum know you or know of your car, please do a introduction about yourself in the all new users section, this will elevate your permissions and grant you the “Induction” badge.


Yes, your bugging was still sitting in my brain somewhere, as a gentle reminder :blush:

Couldn’t do it, til the time was right for me though. “Better late than never.” Seems to be my personal catch cry at the moment :roll_eyes::joy: