M100 brakes in L200 / L500

Hi there, couple questions.

What is the short shaft axle that is usable with an L200/L500 inner cv to fit into M100/L700 knuckles? I had a good look along here and aren’t quite sure what has the right splines for it to fit the Mira inner C/V cup, just would like to avoid having to get two axles machined if possible.

Since I haven’t a clue where to find one of the jackshaft type LSD’s or the sorts, I’d most likely have to get a long shaft made up to fit either C/V’s. Pretty sure I have it right at about 543mm for it to not be so far over track it’s impossible to engineer in SA.

If I’ve done my research right, L700 control arms have a track increase of 15mm or so. Compared to the over 30 with the M100.

Also, is it worth it to mould and make my own polybush from or just buy off the shelf bushes? If it’s possible to find them for sale.

As my car is now, it’s a L500 with just a EJ swap done with some lowering springs and struts from malaysia.

Pretty much just want to be able to get the proper paperwork and roadworthy from regency as I got lucky with a nice officer that let me off the other day.

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L7 Lca’s and use a whole L7 cvshaft on the short side with both cv’s on. You need to get the cv cup out of the gearbox if it is still in there. From memory I measured at 18mm for the long side from memory but could be wrong as it was years ago.

Awesome, thankyou!

now I guess just to find a place to machine a long side axle.