M100 clutch release bearing

Guys I’m at my wits and right now I’ve got a whole day to try and get this car back together and I’m stuck at trying to install the clutch release bearing for the love of god I cannot get this thing back on and I do not know what to do I have the workshop manual tells me to make contact and rotate 180 degrees it doesn’t make any sense I even tried to put the old one back on and I can’t even do that I had to get it off with the screwdriver originally what do I got to do to get this bloody bearing back on this thing it almost seems like I have to pry it over the fork please help I’m going insane

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I think a lot of us have been there. Best advice I can give is to have a friend to help. They can push the clutch leaver so the fork is easier to get to, then get the clip on one side at a time with the help of a screwdriver.
I spent hours mucking around by myself the last one I did. It was infuriating. Mate came over and we had it on in 10mins.


Thanks man, makes me feel better took hours to do by myself. I ended up comparing the with the new and the new clip spring thing was so low so a little bend I managed to get it over it was so infuriating the say the least seems like such a simple and small part of the entire job it yet took the longest