M100 Sirion cluster

Hey guys, just wondering if the Terios cluster would fit/work in a m100 Sirion for a working rpm gauge? I’ve seen a few posts on Facebook about a cluster out a Coure with a rpm gauge and was wondering if that would fit/work as well. currently I have a monster tacho blocking my temp gauge and I have it set to 6 cylinder mode (I just double it for a semi accurate reading but I’m looking for a cleaner looking solution.
cheers guys

And L7 cluster will fit and work in an M1 Sirion. The only difference is that the M100 cluster has two extra bolts on top which the L7 cluster lacks.

The two side bolts were enough to keep an M1 cluster snug in my L7 though.

I swill have a tacho cluster out of an m100 shell ill have up for sale soon…good for 3cyl but ill be swapping my k3 mechanicals across so useless to me

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