M100 Sirion power window fuse

Hi Guys,

I spent about half an hour on the weekend trying to find the fuse for the power windows to no avail. Can someone point me in the right direction please.
My power windows have all stopped working, since it is all of them I am assuming it’s the fuse.

Should be in the fuse box under the dash. I think it’s a 30A fuse.
Otherwise you should check the fuse/relay box under the bonnet.

This? 4° position (30A)

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bugger i was looking for a fuse box under the dash, but i didn’t see it. I looked through the fuses under the bonnet but it didnt seem to be related to any of them.
Is the dash fuse box on the drivers side or passenger side

Should be on the drivers side somewhere near the bonnet pull.
It should look something like in the picture above.

spot on, up under the dash just to the right. Thanks for that.

I pulled the no4 fuse but it looks ok and i didnt see any other labels that would suggest they were the ones, I’ll have some more time later and just pull and test all of them.
Is there any chance it would be under the switch itself?

I went to the wreckers once for a drivers side window switch for a Sirion. They told me the switches are a known failure point. Forgot to ask in what way as with mine one of the four switches broke out of the housing. They even had new ones in stock.
So it could very well be the problem, but don’t hold me to it.

@JustynFlanders could likely shed knowledge on this, just depends if he still knows how to use the forum…

Hello friend, :wave:

The 30A fuse, is the power fuse.
If that fuse was burned, you souldn’t have any power to anything in your car…
So I believe it’s the lockdoor fuse 15A that controls the windows as well. It’s at the bottom right as the picture above.
Now, if your doors lock ok, maybe is that your switcher gone bad. But most likely, your swicher needs to be replaced… I replaced countless times… thank God, the chinese work well and they are cheap.

Good luck