M101 sirion ac delete info?

I want to delete the AC off my k3 m101 sirion, now i know theres a few non ac standard ones so how do they do it?

Is it simply a shorter belt? Anybody have any belt length info etc because two days of searching forums, pics, amayama im at a loss lol

Please help a struggling guy wanting to make his track toy light and easier to work on :joy:

Actually may have just found a gates belt - 4PK 1710 for k3 1.3 w/o air con?! Literally 2 mins after posting this lol

4PK1755 is the standard one, so 1755-1710=45mm shorter…seems lacking but i guess its right unless theres some sort of an idler that sits where the AC should be?

So assume just remove all ac parts, remove pump and replace v belt with shorter one and done?

Other places have the 4PK1700,1705 and 1708 listed lol…its close and im sure the slack will be taken up but itd be good to know if its simply delete the ac…and what the cars running no ac are running belt wise on the 1.3