M101 Sirion/Storia JDM ecu myths?

Thought this would be an interesting thread on the idea that the JDM M101 ecu has more kW etc

Had a good chat with Tim at CM and discussed the “higher kw” jdm ecus and got some conflicting info as per some testing he carried out!

Quoted from his email

“Your next question on ECU is another misnomer that many people believe the ‘JDM’ ECU is better. You will see higher power figures quoted by the Japan engine manuals simply because they have different testing standards. For example, the K3-VE2 is shown as being 82kW for the ‘JDM’ version, however, what they don’t tell you is that this is the power figure with no ancillaries attached i.e. no alternator, power steer pump or air con. Sometimes this even excludes water pump as the engine dyno will have its own controlled cooling water supply system. They are exactly the same engine/ECU and I’ve proven this on the dyno… see dyno plot attached. “