M101rs race brakes

anyone got a good supplier of the sirion m100 some call it rally overseas
just in case someone has a good hook up, i thought id ask, before trawling the generic brake pad manufacturers for something that will fit

i know i cn upgrade to yrv turbo hubs / copen and get a few sporty options, but then require 14" rims, so am looking for something i can run under a 13 as first option

@Daiharris has a hook up to get high temp brake pads custom made for a good price, otherwise you have DSport or project u which can be purchased from Yahoo auctions. If your looking overseas you the Sirion is called Storia in Japan.

I got these from @601to602

Yet to try though


DS-2500 Was fitted to Sirion Rally 2/4 in the UK try someone like Phil Harris on the Daihatsu Sirion rally 2/4 competion parts and cars facebook page.

601to602 is correct the Ferodo DS-2500s were on the Rally 2/4s. I got a set from Bob Fudge on the Daihatsu Performance Enthusiast Facebook page. I don’t think he has anymore left though.

Here is a link to the pads:

Yep after chatting to my mate essentially I can get any pad made with high temp high friction materials… Op just shoot me a pm if you want me to suss it out…

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ok sorry im a little picky
as have had issues with “made up” versions before with pad never binding well to backing plate

plus would ultimately like to know from someone who has used something good before going up a size?

Yeah fairs enough man… QFM are pretty reliable though, but I’ll let you know how mine go…

Sorry my reply reads like I’m a total Pratt
Its only that I’ve had bad experience with them before when getting super hot

Really? With the A1RMs? That’s crazy man. I use to get them upto about 800 degrees and they were fine… Maybe just a bad batch or something… All good man…

800 degrees?
did you test the temps?
i tried a few different pads and cooked them all
but only a few outings tbh. i was going into a season and ended up having to change a fair few things around cause i wanted to be able to rely on them for sure
but that was in a honda

now im back in the daihatsu game, planning on much better testing and knowledge base
with our crew, but also if we can swap a few facts on here as well i hope

but i havent tried the a1rms specifically - especially not on the daihatsu

am thinking of starting with dsport, since i know the agent for them and have an order coming soon anyway, so worth a shot. cant say they’re super cheap tho. but not bad

Yeah man, when I had the 180 it had a vbox in it and one of the sensors tested brake pad temperature… It peaked at nearly 800 I think it was closer to 780 but the point still stands…

Yeah the A1RMs are a race pad, so if you had a bad experience with the hpx or whatever else then I would understand, street pads can overheat really quickly on a track especially if it’s brake heavy…

Obviously I’m not fussed though man, just as long as you find a pad with a high temperature range you should be right…