Machida the 2000 Mira Gino: JP->US

Hey y’all, just bought a 2000 Mira Gino AWD, and am very excited to be apart of the Daihatsu Family. I am in the process of replacing/upgrading components, with the goal to make a full swap from the EF-VE engine to the EF-DET engine. I live in Okinawa right now, but will be moving back to the states in a year or two, and am trying to source parts out here in the birthplace of Daihatsu, with the assumption it is cheaper. If anyone has good locations or websites to get parts, other than junkyards which I am frequenting, please let me know. It seems like the AWD version is especially hard to find parts for, so may need to get custom work done (exhaust) but obviously trying to limit that as much as possible. I am thinking about just buying a donor, but still feeling it out. My goal is stock(ish) powertrain, and upgrades to most accessory components to increase reliability, but also make this Gino rally-curious. Hope y’all are loving your Daihatsu’s, thanks for any advice!


very nice Gino. Welcome to the forum. I don’t know any places personally for parts most of us from Australia use yahoo Japan or get parts from Malaysia. you can try up garage over there but I think that is the most obvious place people ma suggest.


Sweet, I’m trying to find an exhaust that will fit my AWD version, and it is proving to be a struggle. I’ll check out your suggestions, thanks!

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Welcome nice car. Will the L700 exhaust fit?