Manual swapping radio sirion2

Hi all, i ordered a frame, cable and 2din radio for my sirion2 (2005) and was looking for a manual to swap my stadard built in radio.
Ive done a search on the forum with no result
Anyone knows were i can find one?

Hey, look on YouTube of videos how to remove the radio. It’s quite the proces of removing the lower part of the dashboard etc. If you get stuck you can always message me since i did it allot of times (don’t ask why xD)

You need to start from the bottom and work you way up. Towards the center of the dashboard. There are some sneeky screws behind the knobs for the heater etc.

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Ah thnx ill have a look on yt then, i already figured i needed to take the dashboard appart but i think ill be able to get it done if i have an example on how to do it.
I also ordered the foil for tinting the windows slowly i am finding and ordering the parts i need so maybe soon ill be able to finaly post some progression pics :slight_smile:

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