Marv’s 1.3L turbo build

Hi all, I’ve been getting things together to make a nice little streeter, well that’s the plan, I don’t want to be destroying gearboxes but I do want more bottom to mid range torque. And some better handling would be nice.

I’ve sorted some areas of the cars performance which I thought needed attention being firstly the brakes as the standard brakes leave a lot to be desired, and the clutch, exedy heavy duty pressure plate with organic clutch plate for drivability (I love this!)

Also done some engine mods to up the engine power a bit…until the turbo goes on… Extractors, 100 cell cat straight through muffler and a BIG resonator to quiet things down, also to compliment the extra flow I added a K&N panel filter into the standard air box, I don’t go for pods much these days.

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Daihatsu A101 applause front and rear brakes, bolted straight in, was too easy. Standard pads for now. They perform a lot better than the solid front rotors and drum rear.


Exedy sports tuff heavy clutch with just the standard weight flywheel, I should have had it lightnened. Threw in a new rear mains seal while it was all out.


The rig, this shell is pretty shitty as it has been left out in the weather, the roof has de laminated and it has some rust but it has 40,000kms on it. The motor and running gear will be placed into the other shell I have which is in really good shape.


Exhaust header plate and steam pipe fittings, that is not the turbo I plan on using it’s too big being a tdo4, may be a bit laggy, I’ve a rhb32 I’m thinking of using or maybe a Garrett 1544…unsure yet.


next will be the haltech 1500 while the engine is naturally aspirated, standard head gasket and compression ratio is going to be kept with a max of around 7psi boost to be used, the smaller turbo option (rhb32 or 1544 should bring on boost really early. The engine tuner has told me to wait until tuning to see if the pump and injectors run out of fuel/duty. Before changing them.


Good to see another G102 getting some attention.

My gearbox blew 2nd after a 1.6 conversion at around 190 000km! I think I was unlucky though.

I have it on good authority (from someone who has designed parts for these gearboxes) that 180N.m of torque is about the limit of reliability.

So don’t go crazy with the boost on the stock gears. 180N.m is way more than the stock 1.3 so you will still have fun.

With a turbo you will definitely run out of injector duty, I maxed out the Daihatsu 180cc 1.6 injectors on my NA setup. I now run 260cc 1.8 MX5 injectors, they were a straight swap.

Good luck.

Thanks so much for the info it’s greatly appreciated!

I done some maintenance on the lil charade tonight, the left hand cv boot was split so I just done them all, I’ve done this job so many times now I actually enjoyed it.

I also changed out the Castrol gear oil in the box for some redline shock proof in lightweight, I used it in my gtir and it worked well.

A pic of the headers the car is running at the moment…

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A little progress on the turbo side of things, I made up a bracing plate for the header plate so it doesn’t warp when it’s being tig welded, marked the holes and drilled them the same pattern as the header plate. I ordered the steam pipe fittings in 1 1/2 inch and I think I may need 1 1/4 dang it. I’ll have to re order them :crazy_face:


Hey mate! This looks like its gonna be a great build. I’m keen to see what else you do, as I’m about to start doing a lot of the same mods to my g200 charade. Can you tell me where you got the header plate?? I’ve been looking around for a few weeks, but haven’t had any luck.

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Best off taking an exhaust manifold gasket to an engineering shop and getting them to lazer cut one, cost me $75