Massive fuel consumption k3-vet

hi there,

well i got my yrv with k3-vet running correctly and it runs good.
changed the chain all gaskets (expect the turbo to cat since hard to get one). spark plugs, oil, coolant+ flushes, waterpump, thermostat, headgasket as well. prob forgetting something but oh well.

but now it is using massive amounts of fuel, half a tank of fuel for around 100km’s.
it does give me a faulth code and that is p0130 that is for o2 sensor bank 1. wich i have replaced with a new one this was not the problem.

who can help me with this?
oh yeah also oil light turns on when steering(also when standing still but geussing this is a other issue).(could also use help on this^^)

I’d want to check fuel pressure and then get a wide band O2 sensor on it to check the mixture.


As @Mr_Gormsby said plus I’d also check the map sensor as it may be something wrong there. I know with Toyota they run full rich mixture when there is anything wrong with the map or afm.
With the oil light I’d say it’s wiring somewhere or just. Faulty switch. Check that the wiring isn’t shorting anywhere too

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how can i check the fuel pressure?
wasn’t planning on going wideband just to check for afm.

Faulty O2 sensor will make the car run rich, and I think this could be your problem if the car seems to show no other symptoms or fault codes.
You have to make sure you replaced the right one. Normally you will have bank 1 sensor 1 (before cat) and bank 1 sensor 2 (after cat). The bank refers to the group of cylinders, for example a v6 or v8 has 2 banks, a 3 cylinder or 4 cylinder only has 1 bank. I think the easiest thing to do first would be plug in the scanner again and see which sensor the ECU thinks is faulty and confirm you replaced the right one.


A T piece has to be added, usually brass, and with a couple of extra short hoses place it between the fuel filter and manifold. WIdeband - borrow a gauge or pay for the service. And as Mick suggested double check your current o2 (have a look online to see how to test with a multimeter).