MCM AWD Mira - Romanticised JDM Build 5000

Hi guys, been on daiforum for years and a few of the Mira Facebook groups. Owned 4-5 Cuore/Mira things over the years. Facebook pages are a bit fast food compared to these tasty forum sandwiches so thought i would start a thread here about the Mira build we’ve been doing. I recognise some of your names from Facebook and youtube comments. If you’ve got any questions about what we’re doing on that car or why feel free to post them up and i’ll answer as best i can.

Here’s a romanticised illustration that a fan did of the mira, apart from the R34 headlights i reckon he’s pretty spot on:


Welcome to Marty, looking very forward to seeing your car driving!

Welcome Marty really enjoying the build on the show, keep it up :wink:

Marty as in MCM Marty? Cool hey, welcome to the forum! I’m interested, where is the driveline coming from?


From a L210s that I got both ends of. Should have gotten a cleaner donor car, but it wanted it to be the actual car we drove around in Japan

Yeah so long as the mounts are there and all the parts you need are there too doesn’t matter how shabby the donor car is. I’m looking forward to seeing the build come together! If you get stuck with anything I can guarantee the guys here will help you out, they’re a top bunch of lads. Make sure you keep us all posted!

Hey Marty,
Welcome mate good to see you made it across to here from daiforum. The mira build is going good from what I’ve seen. (I havent watched 11 yet). Hope you like the layout of the new forum Its all thanks to @FrAsErTaG who is the mastermind behind getting and keeping this style of forum. Daiforum was getting a bit old and really needed something done and what Frasertag has done has blown me away. As a benefit the whole photobucket restriction of embedding hasn’t effected us. I think it was just dumb luck on timing with that one though. I won’t ask any mira questions as yet until I have seen the latest ones.


Welcome back (sorry but I can’t resist).

Looking forward to seeing some of your work on the track somewhere-sometime


Hay Marty,
So cool to see you on the forum, definitely a lot of knowledge here. I do have a question about your build. How long has it taken so far? I mean from the time you pulled the Aussie shell in to the shed to now.

P.S. the Mira is way cooler then a Yaris😉

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welcome back mad to see that mcm has joined us here at “L2D” you must post more photo’s of the actual build been wacthing the mira build closely

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Hey Marty good to see you on the new forum.
Are we likely to see the mira at the Queensland event at all ?
I know its pushing it but im so used to all the mira guys here putting it all together last minute and just getting to the meets we have haha

Lakeside Sprint day would be the thing I’d like to see it at. But I’d also like to see my Mira there some time.


Some pics as requested! Cant figure out the HTML properly for photos so it’s a bit of a mess… fraserbro whats the difference with the (upload and ![img? tags?


From a mad MIRA sales brochure i found in Japan



I am curious as to whether the TRXX steering rack is quicker than the std 3.9:1 rack?

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I don’t have a standard one to compare it to but i’ll have a look and let you know

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Hey mate, been catching up on a few episodes and I believe many kudos are in order. I didn’t realise the conversion was so involved, I pictured it being similar to the Sirion AWD conversion. You guys have done a stand up job as usual, keep up the good work!

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@marty don’t need to image host photos mate, upload from mobile or drag and drop multiple files from your PC.

Welcome to the future :slight_smile:

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Yeah man i got that far it just did some weird code that isn’t as straight forward as the usual img and /img thing

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std is near on 4 turns. Apparently some TRXX are faster, so I was told by someone that had an elct assist rack but they could not tell me how much faster nor exactly what they come in. I’ve seen a couple of racks from TRXXs but none so far were “quick”.

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Safe to say we’re all happy to have you here mate. Been loving the build so far. Interesting to see some of the comments of people who just don’t get these cars, lucky this is a safe place :wink: