Me and my gino

Just introducing myself. I’m in the UK and have a 1999 Daihatsu Mira Gino (660cc ef-det).


Welcome. Great shot.

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Welcome to livetodai forums. Love the gino. Colour and wheel choice looks classy and an efdet also. :+1:

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Thanks! Had it for about a year or so, after importing it from Japan, and really love it. The colour is much better in the sun and I held out for one with a matching interior :grin:

Having a little engine trouble at the moment though. Ended up here on the quest for a workshop manual - the l701 manual that’s kicking about online is missing every second page in the EFI section and haven’t been able to find one more specific to this car. Considering buying a Japanese one and using g**gle translate :sweat_smile:


yeh there isnt much on the efdet’s around unfortunately. There is a fair few of us from Australia and we never got the efdet here. the only ones here are imported ones people have brought in. Very similar to the ejde though. What issue are you having? I have an efdet and I have a hunting issue on idle with mine, but I haven’t looked into it as yet as it has driven maybe 100 meters in total.

It’s always vibrated a lot on idle but we didn’t think much of it as it’s a 3 cylinder. It was down a cylinder when I first got it but a new ignition coil sorted that.

Think it’s been running a bit lean (based on the spark plugs )but otherwise no massive issues until about a week or so ago when the turbo stopped holding boost - it’ll start to spool up then drop out. Car doesn’t stall and runs “ok” if you stay off the revs and avoid the turbo. It started happening just after a new tank of fuel, so that might be a contributing factor.

There’s a little bit of oil in the air filter.

My partner doesn’t think it’s the turbo itself necessarily but maybe fuel/air delivery.

Replacing the spark plugs has helped a little with the idle but not the turbo.

Can’t find an odb reader that will work with it and so far haven’t found 100% trustworthy info on which terminals to short for the engine light diagnostic codes (seems to be different from the l700 or l701 1.0 cuore/kelisa judging by mintako posts).

Visual check of the pipes and cables seem ok.

Going to try replacing the map sensor as the voltage readings seem a bit off. Can’t find an OEM part though so first step is a Chinese replica part.

88000kms, 6k while with me.

From what you have described it really does sound like the turbo if it is spooling and then stopping then it may be shaft play where it will spool, and then the fins hit the side and stop it from spinning. Definitely check it out as I have had a turbo do this in the past.
take off the pipe from the airfilter to the turbo and see if there is any play in the shaft.
The vibration at idle could be an engine mount that is very worn or just fixed with sika flex.

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