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Most of my build up to a relatively recent period is at the old DaiForum pages under “Mick’s G102 Chapplause (Charade + Applause)”. So I’ll only post some recent stuff here.

Anyway, so here’s a side profile shot of my Charade when I did a day trip from Sydney to Corowa to pick up some old school period race bike parts for my 90’s Fireblade. Was a 7 hour trip and 7 hour trip back. Was in early July of 2016 and was a typical hot dry summer’s day around 36 deg C. Whole trip she was purring with the A/C on.




Good to see you back on the forum.

Cheers mate.

I was really enjoying our little chat regarding the cam shafts on the old forum before it changed over.

Speaking of cams…




Got on Ivan Tighe 1065C regrind on the Applause “H” cam.


Very good - look forward to a report on how the install goes.

My curiosity wishes I could measure it for comparison with the ones I have had!

Shame you’re not closer as I we could’ve pulled it out, measured it on your dummy engine and dial indicator and refit in short period.

I did fit the cam back in April. I have to say it goes real well.

The H cam has the wider LSA so TIghe tightened it up as much as they could with the grind, but I was more after this than a tighter LSA as I was daily driving and towing. The bottom end was unaffected, but the mid range and top end were seriously noticeable.

I would say with all the work done to my setup the cam topped it off. The torque delivery is awesome for a little engine. Sounded angry too on full song. Also has a mean tone with a burgle when normal driving and the rev heads pick up on it.

I don’t know the power output but I think it’s fair to say it clocks over the 70fwkw mark with my tuning tweaks.

Loving it.

I also fit some Brian Crower high performance racing valve springs in her. Engine is tighter now with a nice little lope at idle.




Some tricks to do it on the car too.


Good to hear the install went well and the car is going good.

The Camtech Stage 2 grind I have seems similar to what you describe, no loss of bottom end but a good increase in mid / top end and a slight lope at idle. With a skimmed and ported HE head on the HD block mine dynoed 84kw atw.

My car runs springs from Allen Waye. I had no idea Crower did springs for Daihatsu’s. Do you have a tool for changing springs with the head in the car? I have a big old valve spring compressor and it makes putting the collets back on the valves a real pain.

Anyway, I am continuing with development, I have spare HD head I am busy playing with (these have larger intake ports than the HE), I have a valve de-shrouding tool I have been experimenting with, and the head will also get some porting. It should be going on in the next month or so.

Wow, 84fwkw is impressive!

So I have a somewhat similar setup to yourself then I guess. HD bottom end, hi comp, ported HD head with cam. I reckon mine is a little over the 70fwkw then, because it definitely feels strong when it comes on, even when towing and A/C on.

The secret to the BC springs is that I spent time cross referencing engineering tables for dimensions and spring rates etc and found a common engine that fit these Daihatsu’s perfectly.

I made my own tool. It was basically a lever type piece of metal modified to bolt to the rocker assembly bolt and lever over the retainer with room to get to the collets. Rather simple really, think of the American NASCAR V8 building style, they have special tools that look like pry bars that do the springs due to the insane seated spring pressures.

Mate if it’s what you enjoy and are getting nice results keep the development up.

I thought I would also talk about my towing experience with the Charade. With the extra grunt to the front wheels at usable rev ranges, I have to say she is impressive. I can tow a decent weight over a variety of road types such as around town stop start, freeway, uphills etc with the A/C on too!. The sound she makes under load when you give it that tiny bit more throttle to accelerate is awesome.

Some pics.




And yes, she stops very well too, confident braking.
I drove from Sydney to Newcastle on evening to pick up a bike for a mate. It was a 2 hour drive each way on a freeway with some steep inclines and declines, so lots of heavy vehicle slow lanes on the left and heavy vehicle emergency stopping areas. She did it with ease.

On the way home however, I was on a main road off the freeway and coming down a steep hill to a signalised intersection and the light hits amber. I wasn’t far from the stop line and I was going to cruise through as it was the safer thing to do rather than slam the anchors. So I noticed one of the safety cameras that catch you on a red light and speeding, so I had no choice but to hit the brakes. So a very firm application of the brakes with a solid heel toe downshifting from 4th to 2nd pulled me up with metres to spare! Ha ha. Lucky there wasn’t anyone behind me.

In summary as best as I could describe that moment above, it stopped VERY WELL.
Stock Applause brakes front and rear.

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Hi @MickGyver
Mate I am very interested at your old post over on daiforum and there’s and ton of useful information on there, so first up, thank you!
Only prob, is I can’t seem to see any of the pictures on your old thread though. Any chance you could point me in the right direction so I could view them or know where I could download the thread in entirety?
Sorry mate know it’s a big ask but would love to read/see your work.

Cheers and thanks


rear discs off an applause fit straight on no mods (if you’re interested thats on a 92 G102)

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Hey mate

Shame that the old pics are not uploading. I looked into it and appears PhotoBucket is now charging $399 annual fee to share to websites as 3rd party hosting. WTF, that was how they kinda started off years ago for free.

Anyway, I’ll paste my album’s link below as it is public so feel free to scroll through the images and download what you need. You might have to read it in conjunction with the old thread’s text and find the corresponding pics, until I find some time to save the old thread entirely with the pics complete.

Let me know how you go

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Try that link that starts with s729.photobucket

Yes you are right, the rear brakes bolt on complete straight in, easy as.

Well, in saying that, most parts, I mean most mechanical parts if not all, fit straight into the G102 Charade. The front track is wider though if you run the Applause lower control arms and drive shafts.

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@MickGyver that is perfect! Like you say a pic is worth 1000 words and being a novice, the pics really help! Thanks again mate! Damn photobucket trying to take our monies. Nothings free in a broke world! Cheers mate :+1:

what are they Original ment for , make and model ?

Hey Mate very nice! I’m just about to call Tighe cams for that exact profile. Just wondering what ecu you’re using? The HC-E with 1.6 injectors?