Midget II

Ex-Mira owner here, Looking at buying a Midget II here in New Zealand - many people on here had one/currently have and any common issues or quirks?


I don’t think we have any Midget II owners here. Would love to see a pic. What are you going to use it for and what region are of NZ are you in?

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From Christchurch/South Island - Just a car to have a bit of fun in and with, wont be modifying to much, will restore some rust affected areas and looking into trying to find some hotwire rx3 wheels for it. Going to attempt to tidy it up a bit and go from there. Just always wanted one!


How wrong you are, my secret revealed! :smiley: Issues I’ve had with mine:

Picked up with just under 50,000km on it - genuine, tight, starts first pop, instant oil pressure, no smoke, everything is original and fresh.

Drive home from pick up location was 2 hours open road - I knew that would be a challenge so I took penrite 10 tenths 15w50 PAO/Ester full zinc race oil and did the oil change near the pick up spot at a friend’s inlaw’s place.

When I left it had all four bits of plastic trim around the deck - but after the first 45mins each way trip the front two were gone - need to find a pair or make some - check the bolts are good on yours before driving it far.

When I left it had a working muffler but 2 hours driving at near redline and near full throttle made short work of that and split it open - now most of the flow comes out the top and bugger all out the back, a bit rowdy and working on a new design to MIG up for it.

When I left it had mint front mud flaps - sine wave shaped bottom edge - when I got home after 2 hours at/near 100kph they were severely worn from tyre contact from wind pressure - I believe it never exceeded 50-60kph in Japan :smiley:

After I got it home I showed up at a friend’s place in it and the battery was hanging by the cables - fixed that the other day, rock solid now, fab by Fred.

It has the wrong wheels and the wrong offset, tyres were rubbing springs causing a hum/vibration and I fixed that with two 5mm spacers - 3mm might have been enough but there is enough thread engagement on the nuts at 5mm - note, not legal for WOF - requires cert, but it’s safer this way, I promise.

They are so damn simple there’s not really much to go wrong IMO.

I want to DOHC swap mine so it’s better on the motorway and open road, but that’s about it for now. And different wheels if I can find some I like.


Oh, and I’ve been running it on 98 RON gull alcohol fuel since I got it also due to the regular motorway thrashings it gets.

Highest speed I saw was 116kph on GPS down hill on the way home on the first trip - I’d like to do 121 which is “off the clock” and I think it will do it okay.

On the flat 105-110 is max speed, but above about 80kph you know it’s working for its money :smiley:

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that’s epic! Yeah, I have driven one a couple of years back but only around town and don’t think I exceeded 60/70kmh in it. Update on my one - I have pulled out of purchasing it due to the amount of rust, got a mate to go check it out for me and he advised me to steer well clear. he estimated 3-5k of rust repairs. I can import a cleaner and more original one out of japan for 7-9k roughly. good to note things like the muffler, side guards and battery. Mine wont exactly be wrapped in cotton wool if I’m driving it :joy:

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7-9k might be about right, but getting them into the country these days is apparently tough - tiniest flaws get them turned away. A rusty local one might be a good option if the price is fair since if it’s not failed a WOF on it you can fully DIY the repair. Also, I can tell you that there’s not much there TO rust - however if what is there is badly rusting then the car is basically gone since that’s all there is to them :smiley:

Hi, I just bought a 1998 Midget.
Something is wrong with the cat, the warning light was on while driving it home and the engine stalled 3 times.
Also, I desperately need the owners manual, already found the workshop manual.
Can anybody help ?
Rolf from Germany

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Hello and welcome to the forum. In you could introduce yourself over here: ALL NEW PEOPLE - Live To Dai

I would really like to hear the story of how you got a midget and would love to see some pictures :slight_smile:


Why ? Nobody seems to be willing to help in any way.

Perhaps less “willingness” and more “being outside the general knowledge base”. What Dai engine do these have?