Mighty Nugget

Time has come to trade in my faithful Skoda Octavia VRS 245…

I have been playing with the idea of a smaller car since I miss owning my daihatsus but sadly they are no longer available in Australia from a dealership.

So I’ve decided to buy something small that’s new and available in this day in age…

Without giving to much away I’m keen to see if anyone can guess what it is, @evilhighway is unable to guess since he already knows :joy:

Here’s a hint, it has 3 cylinders.

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But but but but!

ok no fun for me !

Tell you what who ever wins fair and square we will send them a livetodai sticker free of charge to anywhere in the world. I just have to find the safe place i put them in first lol.

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A Toyota GR Yaris would be fun!

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@Rallynrace beat me to it!

I’ll go with a Kia Picanto GT as my choice for a small, 3 cylinder modern-take-on-a-Daihatsu


your the judge for when someone get’s it right! I know the answer but don’t want to get it wrong hahaha!

Winner winner chicken dinner!!

@evilhighway give that man a sticker!!

Haha I probably made that too easy


@Rallynrace I have sent a pm for your address to send you a sticker :slight_smile:


A GR Yaris? Holy shit I’m jealous.


You and me both!

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And the mighty nugget has been delivered


It the most amazing car I have ever driven


Great choice, from what i’ve seen they’re a great new car. a real drivers car.

My son James (he races cars) drove his friend’s Toyota GR Yaris with road tyres at Brands Hatch and Cadwell Park recently. He said he was the quickest car out there and the second quickest car was another Toyota GR Yaris! There were fully prepared race cars that could not keep up.

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Yes it’s quite an amazing little package, so much grip, oodles of power and its tiny


stop it your making me want to get doubles vaxxed so I can go to your place just to have a ride in the car hahahahaha!


:rofl: oh come on mr evil

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as if I would get vaxxed roflmao!

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Get the vaxx @evilhighway and come for a drive :joy:


thats like the best peer pressure ever roflmao!
:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile: