MightyCarMods Cuore

So if some of your lucky Australian Daihatsu fans want to win a cool Cuore: I bought back MY OLD CAR! - YouTube

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here is some of it in a build thread


Yup I’m still lurking, hope it goes to someone that will enjoy it like I did.


Soooo, anyone here won it??

“who is Thomas?”

If not, how long till the new owner shows up I wonder!!

No idea and no idea but guess they will turn up in the FB group first or also. lol

Wait are you Thomas? Does the “T” in TPG stand for Thomas? hahahaha!

Im guessing no, but I bet this “Thomas” live in NSW, :wink:

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I did put an entry in…but I am not ‘the’ Thomas, nor is the T for Thomas…
Shame, it would’ve looked good next to a green Sirion.