Mini Rally Truck Hijet Build saying hey!

Just found this site.

I am beginning a 2 year long 95 Hijet Build project.

we will be making a Mini Dakar type Rally truck to use in casual charity runs state side and the debut International run in 2022.

we have a 93 5speed climber on the way from osaka that should get here in feb/march

and 3d concept renderings that should be finished in the next 30 days

cant wait to comb the site for answers to our hard questions and share our progress along the way

we will be filming the entire build from importer pick up to finish line @ the 2022 Mongol Rally

we are in ARIZONA U.S.A.
On instagram @Pro_Donor_Racing_Division
and facebook @ProDonorRacingDivision


Welcome to the forum, sounds like this will be a beast of a build :open_mouth:

thanks man hope it will be fairly straight forward the climber was not the cheapest option on import haha!

hey, mate welcome we don’t get heaps of hijet’s in here (especially from the US) but are always welcome.